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A Note from Nirvair – Training this Summer in New Mexico

Sat Nam. Spring has arrived in New Mexico and all of its green energy of growth is becoming evident. Our summer training programs are right around the corner!

KRI is offering three training programs this summer for you to Grow and Glow! Come study with us at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, Yogi Bhajan’s home.


Level One Teacher Training with Sat Siri Kaur, Nirvair Singh and many original students of Yogi Bhajan, August 6th to September 2nd. For information and registration, visit -


Level Two Teacher Training “Conscious Communication” with Hari Kirin Kaur, Devinder Kaur, Ravi Kaur, and Nirvair Singh, June 26th to July 3rd. For information and registration, visit –


Level Three Teacher Training - 21 Stages of Meditation with Nirvair Singh, Guru Singh, and Krishna Kaur, June 26th to July 3rd. The 21 Stages of Meditation course is truly amazing. It is a deep and subtle. It is important to note that this course is for everyone and there are no prerequisites for joining this powerful experience! I really enjoy teachings, and participating, in this course. Here is one of Yogi Bhajan’s wonderful illustrations from the course – it is Stage 11, Humility.
21 Stages of Meditation

For information and registration, visit -


There are many reasons to come study in the home of the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan. Here is my top three:


1) New Mexico and Hacienda de Guru Ram Das is a special place. Yogi Bhajan made it his home and there is a deep history of spirituality here.


2) The trainers in the courses are incredible. Guru Singh, Krishna Kaur, Nirvair Singh, Hari Kirin Kaur, Sat Siri Kaur, Sat Purkh Kaur, and many others are experienced and internationally known teachers.


3) The quality of the training is outstanding. These courses are authentic and true to Yogi Bhajan’s heart and intention. The training follows the highest standard of the Kundalini Research Institute.


All the best with blessings,

Nirvair Singh Khalsa








Celebrating 20 Years of the Master’s Touch



In the summer of 1996, a wonderful phenomenon unfolded in Espanola, New Mexico. Here, despite declining health, Yogi Bhajan personally taught a 14-day intensive teaching training course. Although he taught summer camps for women nearly every summer, he hadn’t personally trained teachers since 1976 when he taught the series “Under the Blue Skies of New Mexico”. Simply known as “The Master’s Touch”, this remarkable course 20-years ago set the groundwork for what is now KRI Aquarian Teacher Training.

After such a long time, people came from all over the world to attend The Master’s Touch. Students camped in the shade of the old cottonwood trees and rose early each day for Aquarian Sadhana in a big-top tent that was setup for that purpose. Yogi Bhajan taught two classes nearly every day, encompassing the topics of today’s Level One Teacher Training Immersion but instilled with the authenticity and intensity that only a master can deliver. It was hard because when you studied directly from Yogi Bhajan, there was no “down time.” Each class was filled to overflowing with impactful information and transformational yoga and meditation. Every individual was touched, each person was changed, and each destiny was elevated as this group of 108 fortunate students went through an incredible journey of consciousness.

It was a rare experience – one that time and space never repeated. The KRI Aquarian Teacher Academy today is an evolution from this very first course and the treasure of information that flowed from the Master. These beautiful lectures, raw in their intensity, were faithfully captured in the book The Master’s Touch. If you haven’t read it recently, give your spirit the gift of revival and read it again. Like that summer 20 years ago, you will not remain untouched!














KRI Level One Teaching Training Program Summer 2016

Discovering the Incredible Design of the Body
By Dr. Japa Kaur Khalsa DOM


The Aquarian Teacher, KRI Level One Teacher Training Program
August 6- September 2, 2016
Espanola, New Mexico

As a yoga practitioner I know that I feel amazing after yoga, but why? We have all experienced that Kundalini Yoga takes us beyond the benefits of stretching and cardiovascular exercise. The meditation and lifestyle components take us to a place of healing and cognitive repair.

How does this happen? What is it on a cellular level that leaves you feeling so incredible after a kriya? I invite you to the KRI Level One Teaching Training Immersion Program this summer for an experience of exploration and discovery as we delve into these important questions.

The Physical and Subtle Human Anatomy Training Module

The study of anatomy and physiology can be a lot of fun, especially if you use your physical body through dance, movement, and singing to understand the body-mind-spirit connection. In our study, we will keep this topic light hearted and fun so that you can fully metabolize the information while enjoying the process and learning experientially and intellectually. As your own identity as a yoga instructor unfolds you will understand exactly how you are able to uplift people with your presence and with Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan ®.

How is it possible that through body and breath we can experience actual changes in consciousness? Here are examples of some of what we will study and the emerging research that supports our understanding:

-How is your consciousness connected to your physical body and how does Kundalini Yoga facilitate change?
-What structures in the brain and endocrine system are responsible for your compassion and altruistic thinking? How does Kundalini Yoga awaken and support the health of these structures?
-Kirtan Kriya; what does it do to your brain and DNA? What cognitive gaps are repaired as you chant and move your fingers on both sides?
-What emotions are connected to your internal organs in Eastern Medicine and how does Kundalini Yoga massage and influence these gems of consciousness?
-And what about those super challenging postures that irritate you? How exactly does this benefit your nervous system?
-What is the vagus nerve and how does it influence your state of being? What are the effects of chanting, whistling and movement on the vagus nerve?

You will graduate knowing yourself and your body better and you will be able to explain to your future students exactly what each posture gives them. Please join me this summer as we learn to directly apply these Teachings to our lives to awaken and rekindle our body-mind-spirit connection. Every time you teach yoga, you direct people towards their inner capacity to repair their own consciousness and awaken the ability to be compassionate in every moment.

Let’s study together the amazing features of the body that enlighten us and allow us to be a lighthouse to everyone!



Japa K. Khalsa, DOM, is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Associate Trainer in the KRI Aquarian Trainer Academy. She earned a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University and completed her Master of Oriental Medicine degree at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. Dr. Japa is a gifted integrative Doctor, combining traditional acupuncture with herbal and nutritional medicine, injection therapy, and energy healing. Her work with patients and students emphasizes optimal health and personal transformation through self-care and awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. She is the co-author of the book Enlightened Bodies.









The Aquarian Teacher Training Program KRI Level Two Module Conscious Communication

Learning the Yogic Science of Speaking and Listening
By Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa MA MFA


The Aquarian Teacher, KRI Level Two Teacher Training Program
Conscious Communication
June 26- July 3, 2016
Espanola, New Mexico

KRI Level One Certification is a prerequisite for this course.
Conscious Communication is one of five required courses for
KRI Level Two Practitioner certification.


My first encounter with Yogi Bhajan was at the 1979 Women’s Camp in Espanola, New Mexico. Those weeks of camping beneath the cottonwood trees and meditating everyday with the Master transformed my relationship to my self and my mind. I remember the strange feeling that there was nothing to do and nowhere to go—I experienced complete peace within my own self. I felt a deep security as I came to understand that the only thing I could not live without was my soul, and my soul would never be lost.

Twenty years later, I returned to Espanola for the first the Conscious Communication course. Here once again I sat and learned at the feet of Yogi Bhajan, but now for the last time in his physical form. In his inimitable teaching style, he taught us the subtle aspects of communication, how to truly connect to our students, and how to understand and purify our interactions. With his guiding presence, we discovered the power of prayer.

Although Yogi Bhajan is no longer in that physical body, his teaching goes on. Every time sit and tune-in we learn from that same source. He is wherever we teach, wherever we practice, wherever we sit to learn and expand our consciousness. If you have come to Kundalini Yoga since his passing in 2004, you are just as precious to him, and he is just as available to you, as he was when he sat before us to teach.

This summer is your opportunity to come home to the place he loved, where he lived, and where he taught. We’ll walk through the same cottonwood trees with live music Aquarian Sadhana to start the day, with teachers from all over the world striving for excellence, and enjoy friendship and community. We’ll visit the ranch where Yogi Bhajan lived and meditate in that vibration, which is still so strong.

This year I am the Lead Trainer for the Level Two Module: Conscious Communication along with Devinder Kaur – a powerful yoga teacher, Ravi Kaur – a Kundalini Yoga therapist known for her work with HIV/AIDS and PTSD, and Nirvair Singh- CEO of KRI and a well of knowledge and inspiration. With these wise teachers, we’ll go deep into these extraordinary teachings on communication. Together we’ll learn how to speak and be heard, which chakra we are coming from and how to change it, and how to listen deeply and heal others through that process. When teaching, our hidden self can derail us and undermine our progress. Using the yogic tools of self-study, compassion, and personal practice we will identify these internal barriers and the hidden agendas they promote. We will also learn yoga and meditation for the Fifth Chakra, expand our relationship with the Infinite, and experience the nature of prayer.

Summer is a busy season in Espanola and so many interesting souls gather there in high vibration. I hope you’ll be one of us. The housing is clean and comfortable, the food is healthy and healing, and the experience is like none other. Meet me there and share with me the story of your first encounter with the Teacher and the teachings.


Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa is the author of Art & Yoga: Kundalini Awakening in Everyday Life, and has been quoted in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and other spirituality & health magazines. She is a Lead Trainer of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Creative Arts Therapist, a member of the 3HO Foundation International Board of Directors, and an accomplished artist. She has been a visiting lecturer at Boston University, Marlboro College, Hofstra University, Smith College, and Maine College of Art. She teaches regularly at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Omega, and at yoga centers around the world. www.artandyoga.com






The Aquarian Teacher, Level Three Teacher - Realization

Questions and Answer



The Aquarian Teacher, KRI Level Three Program
Level Three Mela
Chateau Anand, France
July 25-29, 2016
Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, Espanola, NM, USA
June 12-16, 2016
For more information: satshabad@kriteachings.org.


KRI Level Three Certification is a serious but exciting commitment to yourself and your peers to expand into new levels of awareness as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan ®. This summer, KRI will launch a new group of teachers on the 1,000-day journey towards Level Three Certification at Chateau Anand in France and Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in New Mexico. Below you will find answers to popular questions about the Level Three Teacher Training Program.

1) What did Yogi Bhajan say about Level Three?

Answer:  "In KRI's Level Three program, one becomes a teacher, a teacher of truth and spirit. You develop the ability to penetrate and communicate through your presence alone and uplift the students through your subtle body. This is the teacher of the Aquarian Age, the Aquarian Teacher. Students experience the truth within them through your intention, projection, and purity. ... Remember - as a Teacher, anything and everything you do must upgrade the other person." ~Yogi Bhajan, 1996

2) Are there pre-requisites to start Level Three, if so, what are they?

Answer: Yes, potential candidates need to have completed a variety of pre-requisites before starting Level Three. The main pre-requisites are: You must be Level One Certified; Level Two Certified (or have taken all 5 modules); Have taught a minimum of 500 hours of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. There are also pre-requisites that involve your personal meditative practices and your involvement in community service, see full list here.

3) What is the Mela? Who teaches it and what is the curriculum?

Answer: Mela is a Sanskrit word meaning “gathering”. Level Three participants are required to attend 3 out of 4 Melas (in either France or Espanola) that occur within the 1,000-day experience. This includes the Opening/Orientation and Closing/Graduating Mela, as well as, a third Mela in the middle. Melas are held once a year during the summer in Espanola, NM, USA and Chateau Anand, France. Participants choose one location and attend Melas at that location the entire time. There will be Level Three graduates and/or current participants facilitating the event. At the Mela, new participants will be oriented to the governing three qualities of Level Three: Spiritual Maturity, Meditative Mind, and Seva. They will also be randomly assigned to a Peer Group (5-6 people). This Peer Group takes on the role of supporting individual participants through their Level Three process within a safe and trusting environment of dialogue. The Peer Groups are self-run and self-sustaining.

"The first thing I would say as far as advice for people coming into the program is, really think long term... You get a really deep experience of yourself as reflected through your peer group and you get a deep reflection of yourself through your own thousand day meditation practice... And then you get to express yourself through your Seva legacy and it really gets to be something that's you, that you didn't even know was you when you began the legacy Seva." ~Sat Purkh Kaur (Espanola, NM) - Recent Level Three Graduate.

4) What are the requirements to fulfill during the 1,000 days of Level Three?

Answer: The program focuses on the three qualities of a Spiritual Teacher 1) Spiritual Maturity, 2) Meditative Mind, and 3) Seva. These qualities are intended to be cultivated and interwoven in all three levels of teacher training. However, it is in Level Three that we experience their integration. Below is a preview of the requirements. For full details, please read the Level Three Overview.

To receive a Level Three certificate, one will need to complete the requirements for each of these three qualities.

I. Spiritual Maturity
GOAL: To develop an authentic and fully integrated presence as Teacher, achieved through self- reflection, spiritual lifestyle practices, and peer dialogue support.



• Participate in an annual Level Three Mela.
• Participate in Peer Dialogue Sessions.
• Apply, share, and integrate Level Three concepts into your teaching - As participants in the Level Three program you are expected to reflect on these concepts, utilize them in your teaching, and report back each year about your experiences during the Level Three program.

II. Meditative Mind
GOAL: To cultivate and refine one’s meditative mind, as achieved through focused application of specific Kundalini Yoga and meditation practices.



• Intensive Group Meditation Practice.

o Complete 21 Stages - 6 day course
o Additional 12 days of intensive group meditation practices, such as:

       ■ 21 Stages (may be repeated multiple times),
       ■ White Tantric Yoga,
       ■ Japa or intensive group meditation courses as approved by KRI,
       ■ Sat Nam Rasayan intensive weekends with qualified SNR trainers.


• Individual Mastery - Personal meditation practice for a minimum of 31 minutes per day for 1000 days.
• Aquarian Sadhana - Maintaining a daily, and if possible, group Aquarian Sadhana practiced in the Amrit Vela is also part of the identity of a Spiritual Teacher as defined by Yogi Bhajan.

III. Seva
GOAL: To deepen an ongoing attitude of Seva, or selfless service. To align individual passion, purpose, and destiny with building and serving community.

• Seva/Legacy Project - Provides an opportunity to fulfill the Soul’s calling, to pursue your destiny, and to serve something bigger than the individual self. The project should further the Teachings and Legacy of Yogi Bhajan.

• Self-Reflection - Reflect on and discuss in Peer Group your choice of Seva/Legacy Project, as well as a series of questions regarding your attitude toward seva.

"...I'm definitely an advocate of Level Three. I've been hooked into the process of Level Three and it's been a very beautiful experience, difficult and painful sometimes but a really amazing and growth producing experience." ~Jivan Joti Kaur (Espanola, NM) - Current Level Three participant


5) What do people find to be the most enriching aspect of Level Three?

Answer: The Peer Group experience is the heart of Level Three. Read what people are saying …
“Great group, very focused and open to process. Discussions have been rich. Relationship as a group is becoming more trusting.”

“Sometimes inspiring, sometimes challenging, sometimes frustrating, sometimes fun. Always adding something and always insightful.”

“Comforting, caring, supportive, interesting, cozy. I look forward to each call.”

“Great, I love connecting with my peer group each month. Everyone is very real, kind and supportive.”

“Our group is very warm and friendly. I would say our process started out very slowly but seems to have gathered some momentum in the last month.
Very deep and delightful.”

“Our peer group is very supportive of all members. We are developing a powerful process to get to know each other and learn how to help each other grow as a group. I feel that this work is helping us to know how to do our best at preserving the science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan at Level Three.”

“Excellent…Considerable willingness to grow together. Guidelines provided are of some help, but it seems we still have to find our own and personal way to this. We seem to be faced with similar challenges in our lives, more so than I would have initially expected. Exchange helps to calibrate my expectations towards myself.”

"Now I feel it made a very big difference in my life especially it gave me another sense of practicing a meditation. It definitely encouraged my karma yoga. And I found a few new friends in a kind of new depth of relationship so I can really recommend the process. Go into it with an open mind and I think you will be surprised." ~Satya Singh (Germany) - Recent Level Three Graduate.

6) Is it a requirement for Aquarian Trainer Academy Trainers to complete Level Three?

Answer: Only Lead Trainers, or Professionals who apply for Lead, must start Level Three by 2017. There is no Level Three requirement for Interns, Associates, or Professionals who plan to remain at the level of Professional Trainer.

7) What are the costs associated with doing Level Three?


Answer: We aim to keep costs to a minimum yet still cover our expenses. The estimated costs you can expect are:

• One-Time Level Three Commitment Fee of $108 (non-refundable)
• Annual Level Three Mela fee of approximately $500 (plus travel and housing) each year (3 out of 4 required).
• At least one 21 Stages of Meditation Course (cost estimate $950 per course, plus travel and housing, depends on location).
• 12 additional days of intensive group meditation (such as White Tantric Yoga), plus travel and housing (cost depends on location).

8) How do I sign up?

Answer: The Commitment process for the summer of 2016 has ended however; there is still a possibility to start this year. If interested, you must contact SatShabad Kaur immediately at satshabad@kriteachings.org. Or, plan on joining in 2017 and allow yourself time to fulfill the prerequisites.





We Are KRI

Coming to Espanola from All Around the Globe for the Level One Immersion Course
By Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

The KRI Level One Teacher Training Immersion in Espanola is the training opportunity for students from around the world who are seeking to become teachers of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The program is designed to immerse you in Kundalini Yoga and the yogic lifestyle, giving you the experience of living together in a spiritual community. This 28-day course allows the participants to step out of their day-to-day life and devote time to their own development and personal growth as a teacher and as a conscious human being.

The Immersion Course is nestled in the beautiful Northern New Mexico valley—Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram in Espanola, New Mexico. The ashram is nestled between Santa Fe and Taos, two of the most beautiful and internationally recognized destination spots of the world. Students have come to this course from China, South Africa, Germany, England, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Canada, India, Cambodia, and all over the United States. For many students, English is their second language and together we work through the process of communication and understanding.

Although it may be far from home, the international journey to Espanola is a well-worn path. Most people come to KRI courses on a tourist visa. If needed, we are happy to send you an invitation letter to assist you in acquiring a visa. Most people fly into the Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ), about 90 miles from the ashram. There are two independent airport shuttle services available who will drive you from the airport directly to the Ashram. It is easy and safe, and you can make your reservation via the internet. KRI students are well known to the shuttle drivers and the process of traveling to Espanola is easy and uncomplicated.

We are happy to guide you in making a housing reservation right here at the ashram. Dormitory-style housing is a 5-minute walk from the course. The rooms accommodate 1 to 3 people per room with shared bathrooms. These are very simple but comfortable accommodations. The housing closely resembles ashram living with each dormitory having a common area where students gather to relax, discuss the lessons of the day and read the textbook.

Is this you? Do you have this yearning to arise before the sun to meditate on the infinite in the company of fellow seekers? This global community of students that gathers every summer in the Rio Grande Valley to study in the same room where Yogi Bhajan taught in 1996 is filled with a common purpose of serving humanity. The Immersion here in Espanola is a rare opportunity to experience this global family of Kundalini Yogis. Make the sacrifices necessary to leave every day life behind for a month and let your soul experience the Infinite.



Source Specials

Introducing our latest!

From Vegetables, With Love


Completely rewritten and expanded second edition from Siri-Ved Kaur Khalsa

Retail: $44.95
PROMO: $38.20


Getting Ready for the summer!

The Master's TouchThe Master’s Touch
On Being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age
Yogi Bhajan, PhD.
Master of Kundalini Yoga

This book is for every student of Truth. Whatever path you have chosen, it will give you an understanding of the true meaning of mastery. In this superb collection of teachings from his “Master’s Touch” courses, Yogi Bhajan, one of the most pragmatic spiritual Teachers of our time, explains the path of the Teacher. He does it with wit, compassion, and a practical sense of the challenges of daily life.

Retail: $49.95
Promo: $42.46





Kundalini Yoga Sadhana Guidelines Second EditionKundalini Yoga Sadhana Guidelines
2nd Edition

Create Your Daily Spiritual Practice
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

In this 2nd Edition of Kundalini Yoga Sadhana Guidelines, you’ll find steps toward cultivating the consciousness available by practicing in a group as well as suggestions for developing your own personal sadhana. Open these pages and begin the journey of a lifetime.

Retail: $29.95

Promo: $25.46



Foundation Series


Foundations DVD Series
Create a firm foundation for your yogic practice and gain insight into what it takes to live as a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with these essential lectures and meditations.

V1: The Purity and Power of a Teacher
V2: Get Rid of Anger and Fear
V3: Balance & the Law of Equality
V4: Use Your Body for Higher Living
V5: The Change of the Age
V6: Becoming a Sage in the Aquarian Age
V7: Emotional Compensation

Retail: $19.95 per DVD
Promo: $16.96

Or take advantage of our regular full set discount of all 7 DVDs for $108.00!







Thank You!








KRI Recipe of the Month for April


Excerpt from: Siri-Ved Kaur Khalsa. “From Vegetables, With Love: Recipes and Tales from a Yogi's Kitchen (Revised and Expanded New Edition).

A hearty and delicious soup inspired by the flavors of New Mexico!

Calabacitas Soup

Yield: 10–12 servings (4 quarts)

This New Mexico inspired squash soup is flavored with roasted green chiles, red chile, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes. Super nourishing, wildly flavorful, and hearty as can be, I love it most made with butternut or kabocha squash (also called Japanese pumpkin). But, you may use any combination of winter and/or summer squash.

¼ cup olive oil
2 tablespoons chopped garlic
2 cups chopped onions (2 medium)
3–4 stalks celery, chopped
10 cups water
1 teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon oregano
½ teaspoon pepper
2 tablespoons vegetable broth powder
1–2 tablespoons red chili powder
1¼ pounds red potatoes, peeled and chopped in bite-size chunks
1 carrot, peeled and chopped
12 ounces diced tomatoes (fresh or canned)
3-4 long green or Poblano chilies, roasted, peeled and chopped
1 pound butternut squash, peeled and cubed
8 ounces frozen corn or kernels scraped from 2 ears of corn
2 teaspoons salt (to taste)
½ cup crumbled Cotija, Queso Blanco, or other fresh crumbly cheese (optional garnish)

Heat olive oil in a soup pot over medium heat. Sauté onions, garlic, and celery until tender. Add water and seasonings. Raise heat to high and bring to a boil. Then turn heat to medium-low. Meanwhile, prep veggies and add to the pot as they are chopped. Add salt, adjust seasoning, and simmer (without boiling) for about 30 minutes until all vegetables are soft. Crumble fresh cheese over each serving.”





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