Maintaining an intimate relationship in today’s world is hard work.  And when, for what ever reason, it does work out, breaking up is is very difficult.  A recent blog post on the website Well and Good featured an insightful post by Desiree Pais on her experience with a 40-day sadhana while she was dealing with a devastating breakup.  She writes:

“It’s very easy to use our spiritual practice as a way of bypassing our issues, suppressing our feelings, needs, and desires. We stuff everything down with meditation, yoga, green juice, cleanses, affirmations, and self-help books. Over the course of those 40 days, I realized that the whole goal of all of these practices are to allow us to feel more like ourselves, not to change ourselves to some unattainable version of happiness, which simply replicates the unattainable version of perfection.”

Read and enjoy her post – The Surprising Hidden Lessons in Heartbreak


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