Becoming a yoga teacher is a serious commitment and a life changing experience.  This is especially true when becoming an instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. Here are some good reasons to choose KRI  for your teacher training:

  • The Only Official Authority. KRI is THE ONLY institution commissioned and approved by Yogi Bhajan himself to provide Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings.
  • Personal Transformation. More than a certificate and set of techniques, KRI training will evoke the positive transformation of your personal lifestyle and spiritual journey.
  • Authentic Community. KRI is a diverse and inclusive community devoted to connecting, supporting, and co-creating.  The 3HO International Kundalini Teachers Association (IKYTA) membership provides professional support, development, and networking.
  • Portal to Advancement. An official KRI Level One teacher training is your starting point and is required to advance to the depth of the Level Two and Level Three trainings.
  • Individual Support. Support is available each step of the way from dedicated, experienced, and spiritually mature teachers.
  • Safe & Ethical. KRI upholds high standards and zero tolerance accountability in its CODE OF ETHICS.  Any violation is reviewed and enforced by a third party governing body.
  • Global Consistency. You will find a consistent, top quality curriculum at any official KRI training, anywhere in the world. With a KRI licensed trainer, you can be sure that the program is aligned with Yogi Bhajan’s teachings


So, what are you waiting for? FIND A KRI TEACHER TRAINING NEAR YOU!


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