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How to break old habits and create new ones with meditation

Are you feeling stuck in life? Do you find yourself at a crossroads, unsure of [...]

Seva & The Healthy Student Teacher Relationship

A yoga culture that encourages participation through seva is a way for students to [...]

Why Retaliation is Never the Answer

This article examines the ways people can respond if complaints arise in their community and [...]

The Pedagogy Pivot – Part 2

As we continue to explore how pedagogy evolves in yoga traditions, we can keep in [...]

21 reasons to take 21 Stages of Meditation

Whether you are just beginning your practice in meditation or have been meditating regularly for [...]

Kundalini Yoga Intervention Increases Hippocampal Volume in Older Adults: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

This pilot randomized-controlled trial (RCT) examined the potential neuroprotective effects of Kundalini yoga in older [...]

Kundalini Yoga for Post-Treatment Lyme Disease: A Preliminary Randomized Study

This study examined the adherence to and the potential benefit of Kundalini yoga (KY) for post-treatment [...]

The Pedagogy Pivot – Part 1

The yoga world in the West has seen many changes in professional standards and teaching [...]

Money & The Healthy Student Teacher Relationship

Turning the teaching of yoga into a successful business venture can be a complex art [...]

Trataka Mudra Meditation

Trataka Mudra Meditation from November 29, 1990 Card: Tapas Suit: Yamas & Niyamas Virtue: Self-Discipline [...]

The Ethical Teaching of Meditation: How the Healthy Student -Teacher Relationship gives Context, Safety & Resonance

(...) This article explores how, when teaching meditation, the sheer nature of this act touches a [...]

Merger of the Sun and Moon | Meditation

Merger of the Sun and Moon, a Kundalini Yoga Meditation taken from the L2 Authentic [...]