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2022 KRI Honorees

Guru Darshan Kaur Khalsa Puebla, México Note: Please see video for full range of images [...]

Yoga is One-World – Yoga e Negritude

IMAGE PROVIDED BY HARDASS KAUR It is a reality to be confronted that there is [...]

Planting the Seeds of Kundalini Yoga in the Ivory Coast

Dr. Arjan Kaur Khalsa is a dear friend and chiropractor in Espanola, NM, as well [...]

Disaster Relief – Seva in Action

2017 was tough year on the planet earth. Storms, floods, fires, and earthquakes struck in [...]

Introducing the KRI Honorees for 2018!

Each year the KRI Board of Directors select one or more people to honor for [...]

Seva in Lima, Peru

One of the most inspiring expressions of KRI Teacher Training is the service that teachers [...]

The International Festival of Kundalini Yoga in Chile

I love traveling to Chile each year for the International Festival of Kundalini Yoga and [...]

“For whites only” – no more!

I knew that this trip to South Africa was important but I had no idea [...]