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Dr. Japa, co-author of the book Enlightened Bodies: Exploring Physical and Subtle Human Anatomy has been participating in KRI’s Level 1 Teacher Trainings, presenting the different anatomical systems of the human body. Her experience with both the physical and the subtle anatomies, allows us to learn something new about the human body, whether we are just starting the exploration or have certain knowledge on the topic. 

This course is ideal if you want to deepen your knowledge on Anatomy or if you are a Level 1 Trainer and would like to show it to your Level 1 Students. 


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Enlightened Bodies – Anatomy for Level 1 will:

    • Give you an overview of the entire human body.
    • Dive deep into the Musculoskeletal, Circulatory and Respiratory, Endocrine, Immune and Lymphatic, Nervous and Digestive Systems.
    • Mix theory and practice.
    • Deepen your understanding of the way the physical and the subtle anatomy interact.

Dr. Japa Khalsa is a 25-year practitioner of Energy Medicine with a dual degree as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). Dr. Khalsa travels and teaches internationally as a Professional Teacher Trainer and Yoga Therapist. As co-author of Enlightened Bodies, she is passionate about sharing the power of the human body’s potential to self-heal. Her heart lies in serving public health and in bringing joy, enthusiasm and humor to teaching. She lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband Harpal and their son, their two dogs, a cat and a box turtle…Lucy 

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