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If you’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for years, it’s a big change to start presenting topics. 

How do you keep the adult learner engaged? 

How do you weave in meaningful activities and grow the group dynamic? 

This 6 part series will help you to be fully confident in making transformational topic delivery in your teaching and it will definitely transform your Level One Training.

This webinar is a six episode series Pedagogy 101: Teaching the Adult Learner for Teacher Trainers to grow as Teachers and experienced Educators:

  • Practical suggestions on how to make lecturing more in line with the neuroscience of how adults learn
  • Recognize the need for experience and project oriented learning in adult context
  • Develop skills to guide groups in their development and learning and much more!


More Information:

General concepts this course will cover:

    • Pedagogy for Adult Learners
    • KYTTL1 Training as a continuum & guiding group process 
    • Details matter in order to transmit information meaningfully!
    • Using Case Studies and Role Play effectively 
    • Guiding identity transformation safely and realistically
    • Bringing it all together – What does Aquarian Learning  and teaching mean for me as a trainer? 

Jagat Prem Kaur

Jagat Prem Kaur is a dedicated kundalini yoga teacher, teacher trainer and healer from Finland. After making a major life shift from a career of an executive & business consultant to a full time yoga teacher in 2010 she has dedicated her strength and compassion to running Kehto School, a learning center she founded together with her husband Charanpal Singh. Kehto (Finnish for cradle) offers both kundalini yoga teacher training and long, 1 to 5 years, retreat based programs for spiritual growth.  

Jagat Prem Kaur holds a Masters Degree in Social Sciences and in her former career she did extensive work in large companies and organizations on creating learning strategies, environments and atmosphere that motivate and encourage adults to not only learn new skills but also transform identity and self-image. In addition to kundalini yoga she has studied other forms of yoga, Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy and group therapy.

Her style of teaching is compassionate yet powerful. Jagat Prem Kaur won’t let you choose the easy path and she will believe in and respect your uniqueness. She is the mother of two teenage boys, one of whom is adopted and has a lot of knowledge of special needs children and their parenting. JPK has shared her family home as an Ashram-like environment for several years so bringing practice and everyday life together is close to her heart. She has led over a hundred long retreats, workshops and healing sessions over the years so you’ll be in experienced hands with her teaching.

Connect with Jagat Prem:
[email protected]

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