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Last year I had one of the most transformational yogic experiences ever. Surrounded by all shades of green, multicolored flowers, rice fields and welcoming Ganesh, I deep dived into myself in a 21-day retreat to come out strong, flexible and renewed.

I had the blessing to assist my dear teacher Sat Siri in a Level One Teacher Training in Bali. All my ten bodies were challenged with daily classes, yoga, mantras and long meditations. This brought a total rewiring for my brain and a lovely opportunity to disconnect – and to reconnect to my true self. And although it was not easy at all times I will do it again, and I can think of many reasons why you should too.

Let me go just over four of these reasons  to make my case:


No phone, no cooking, no family. For 21 days the most important thing you have to do is make it to morning practice (which is not obligatory btw!). And don’t take me wrong, I do love all of those things, but having this much time for myself and making my personal practice and studying a priority really made a difference. 21 days of learning with experienced trainers, 21 days for yourself, and for your highest self. Eat, sleep, yoga and repeat!


More than friends, you will be meeting your peers. People who are going through a similar process than that of yours, and with whom you can reflect, question and share. Not just regarding yoga and kundalini and the role of a teacher but also regarding our personal state of being. As we come closer to our highest self some emotions and recurring thoughts can resurface and we’ll be going through this together. Every morning we join our small group (after breakfast and before class) and hold space for each other.


Can you imagine practicing kundalini in an open room with sunsets, sunrises and 50 other people? Such a diverse group, different cultures, different bodies, minds and souls. The inspiration you can get from a space like this is infinite! And the compassion, love and openness I could build in witnessing the transformation of all these students into teachers, that is something I will treasure forever.


Can you think of the impact that 21 days of waking up early, eating healthy and delicious food, moving the body and meditating can have on you? This training brought a shift in my personal and professional life, and having this lifestyle for so long made it easy for me to keep up once I got back home: the yogic toolkit came back with me. If an hour of yoga can change your day, I would say that 21 days in a row can change your life. You tell me later!

And all this while becoming a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. 

This October we will be holding a new edition of this 21-day Level One immersion. If this is what you long for, please give yourself the gift of going to Bali! 

I really hope to see you there, sat nam!

Tara Prempal
Yoga SUR


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