Global ATA Trainer Online Summit

The Alchemy of Local + Global = Glocal

An international and multicultural event, which will be held online via Zoom

Explore our collective wisdom and identify our shared values

Check-in with Global Academy Members

Interactive Learning Spaces to expand our skills and explore Best Practices

Sat Naam Trainers!

Welcome to the 2023 version of the Online Summit Experience!

During this time together, we will keep exploring the experience of being simultaneously  a Global Community built by Local Communities as well,
embracing the challenges and the opportunities of this reality. 

The Online Summit originated in 2020 in the context of the Pandemic hitting the Globe, making it impossible to gather in-person in the Forums as we used to.  They were a creative way in the Aquarian Trainer Academy to stay connected through those rough times. They brought us opportunities to gather as a global community, together in one -online- place, sharing, listening and learning from each other’s reality and service while living in different areas of the Globe.

This 2023 we can see more opportunities to gather in person again and enjoy interacting with our local peers.  That’s fantastic in so many ways! As we’ve experienced the value of connecting as a Global Community of Trainers, this year we continue offering you the Online Global Summit. It will be a time to:

    • build skills,
      • have deep conversations on fundamental issues,
        • listen to a wide array of perspectives,
          • And to meet, to greet, to share best practices with those who serve in other languages and on other continents. 


We will have two different time tracks, considering that the Summit welcomes Trainers from Six Continents around the world! We honor that and wish to allow everyone to participate.

Welcome to the 2023
of the Online Summit Experience!

Both tracks for the Online Global Summit,
so you can attend according to your schedule

Live workshops
(scheduled outside of the Summit schedule, see workshop details above)

→ Two E-Learning Center Workshops

Understanding Pedagogy and Adult Learning:
Tips and Ideas for Kundalini Yoga Teachers with Jagat Prem Kaur

Close the Gap between Self & Social Awareness: How to Unpack Cultural Biases, Privilege and Mirco-Agressions with Atma Chanan Kaur

50% coupon to a
E-learning Workshop of your choice


Dates & Times

Track 1: April 22-23

Starting at 12:00 pm Beijing time.
Check your local time here

Track 2: April 29-30

Starting at 8:00 am Los Angeles time.
You can check your local time here.


These prices are made as a guideline to you. We honor your presence, which allows us to experience the Sangat´s wisdom and welcome our diverse realities around the Globe by gathering in a common container from 6 different continents, bringing our local bagages. 

We acknowledge the different economic realities that we have as a general society (f.e, regarding minimum salaries, armed conflicts, life costs and other social factors) as well as as Kundalini Yoga Trainers. 

We encourage those who can pay more to do so (you can use “conscious contribution” for even more than we propose), so we can keep running this nurturing event, as well as expanding Kundalini Yoga and support Seva projects around the Globe.


Share Your Prosperity

81 USD

We are One

63 USD

Wahe Guru

45 USD

Sat Naam

27 US

Thank You

18 USD



We look forward to being together with you soon!


You will have access to 3 live workshops in May.

Workshops will be taught in presenter’s original language
and will include English, Spanish and Chinese.
More information to come.

Pritam Pal Singh Khalsa

Msc. en Biología Molecular. Practicante de KY desde 1977. Ministro de Sikh Dharma desde 1980, Capacitador Líder pionero en Latinoamérica desde 1996. Capacitador Mentor en México, Argentina, Chile y Uruguay desde 2000. Se ha especializado en filosofía yóguica, los mapas conceptuales de la mente y la consciencia, estados meditativos y sanación en el nivel de las creencias.

[En Español]

“Estudio comparativo de los pilares filosóficos de nuestra enseñanza”
con Pritam Pal Singh Khlasa

Lunes, 8 de Mayo | 6-9 pm | Chile

La filosofía de una enseñanza es tan fundamental como su práctica pues clarifica el legado que hemos recibido asi como nuestro concepto de la consciencia, y describe la orientación hacia la cual dirigirte en tu práctica.

La nuestra proviene especialmente de la síntesis de 4 pilares: Yoga de Patanjalli, Vedanta, Tantra y Sikh Dharma. Con un análisis comparativo, los profundizaremos en su historia, principios, anatomía sutil y prácticas, poniendo especial énfasis en el “Tantra Clásico No Dual”, poco conocido en nuestra formación pero de vital importancia.

Pritam Pal Singh Khalsa

Msc. in Molecular Biology. KY practitioner since 1977. Sikh Dharma Minister since 1980, Pioneer Leader Trainer in Latin America since 1996. Mentor Trainer in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay since 2000. He has specialized in yogic philosophy, conceptual maps of mind and consciousness, meditative states and healing at the level of beliefs.

[In English]

“Comparative study of the philosophical
pillars of our teaching”
with Pritam Pal Singh Khlasa

Monday, May 22 | 11 am to 2 pm Eastern Time

The philosophy of a teaching is as fundamental as its practice because it clarifies the legacy we have received as well as our concept of consciousness, and describes the orientation towards which to direct your practice.

 Ours comes especially from the synthesis of 4 pillars: Yoga of Patanjalli, Vedanta, Tantra and Sikh Dharma. With a comparative analysis, we will deepen their history, principles, subtle anatomy and practices, with special emphasis on the “Classical Non-Dual Tantra”, little known in our training but of vital importance.

Hari Krishan Singh

Hari Krishan Singh, Dutch but resident in Germany, is o-founder of Cherdi Kala International Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya School. He teaches internationally as a Lead Level 1 & 2 and 21 Stages of Meditation Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer and is a Karam Kriya Consultant, Karam Kriya Yoga Coach and Trainer. He is responsible for establishing many training programs around the world, often in cooperation with the Karam Kriya School and Shiv Charan Singh. 


“Mentoring in the ATA; Reality vs Ideal”
with Hari Krishan Singh

Thursday May 11 | 19.30-21.00 CET 


A personally impersonal presentation and exploration of the mentoring Process in the ATA, from the perspective of a Mentor and Mentee. Poke-Provoke-Confront & Elevate vs Obey-Serve-Love & Excell.

  1. What is the impulse to start as a Mentee or Mentor? Individual approach.
  2. Needs and the subconscious. Obey-Serve-Love-Excell.
  3. Is the cooperation supported by a structure? Mentoring techniques. Practicum. Skills.
  4. Commitment and Seva. Trust and Discipline.
  5. Communication. Teacher as a Living Sacrifice.
  6. Clarity. Poke-Provoke-Confront-Elevate.
  7. (Individual Development) Plan. Ego & Shakti Pad.
  8. Time-Management and Money.
  9. Pressure, Perfectionism & Patience.
  10. Completion.
  11. Alignment.