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Suggestions for Practicums

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• One sadhana practicum and one class practicum with feedback

• Ideally have students have 2 one-hour practicum sessions (offer creative ways to do it such as to the public with a “yogathon” day, or in people’s homes.)

• One practicum to their peers and one to students new to Kundalini yoga (we call it friends and family or anyone who has not tried KY before). However, only one practicum is delivered within the regular TT weekends. The second is scheduled outside of the Training weekends, and close enough to where students live so they can teach friends, family, coworkers who have seen their transformation, etc. In rare cases we do a third one hour practicum if the student has not yet successfully delivered the kriya, also scheduled outside of weekend Trainings.

• A third practicum is recommended for students who haven’t successfully completed either of the earlier opportunities.

• Practicums may be offered in Seva environments

• Teaching from Day One: Begin right away with practicums and in-class clinics (teaching various breathing techniques, mantras, short or reduced kriyas in their small groups). They are also given a number of informal classes to teach to family and friends beginning the 3rd weekend. Some do it as assigned, others struggle with it.

• Practicums with the Lead Trainer present; the feedback session after each practicum is highly valuable for anchoring basic teaching concepts and serving to polish the students teaching methods.

• No prepared music allowed in practicums; student-teachers must chant and lead in monotone, giving them a deeper experience with the mantras.

• Offer a Communication Practicum: a 2-hour segment toward the end of the course where students have an opportunity to answer “hard” questions. That is, deliver content and consciousness on the spot. Facilitated by a trainer or trainer in training. Most of our “testing” is written; but most of the communication will be oral once they are out in the field. So this gives them an opportunity to act out their responses and resolve some insecurities around communication and hard topics.

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