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Suggestions for Teaching The Mind & Meditation Materials

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• Build up the 40-day meditations so that the first is a 3-minute done with everyone; the second is an 11 minute 40-day; and the third is a 31 minute 40-day.

• Include several 2 1/2 hour meditations throughout the course–not just the Long Ek Ong Kaars

• Yogi Bhajan was asked personally about “The Master’s Touch Meditation” and he said this should be recommended for every level one course, not required but always recommended.

• Meditation Teacher Practicum: have students pair up and assign a meditation to their peers and then do the follow-up; asking questions, guiding through difficulties, encouraging etc.

• Continuous 40-day practices throughout the entire training

• Student check-ins are focused not on “Am I succeeding or failing at my meditation?”, but instead on, “What am I learning about myself? How does my mind work on the days when I do meditate, and on the days when I do not?” This is one of the most essential aspects of Level 1: building the self-discipline to meditate daily, or at least the understanding of how important it is.

• Assigned a meditation as homework each session beginning with the first weekend until the 31 min, 40 day meditation is assigned. We begin with 7 min meditation for 7 days, and gradually increase the times and lengths each month until they get up to about 22 min for 22 days and then they are ready to start the 40 day 31 min meditation..

• Include a portion of the Level 2 material in Level 1 to increase the students’ basic understanding of their minds: shadow, hidden self, how we sabotage ourselves with mind games, meditation for specialty groups: anxiety, depression, obsession, traumas. Level 1 graduates are encouraged to enter one of three ongoing seva projects: one in a psychiatric hospital, another in a residential facility for autism and another for other various disabilities.

•  Include 31-minute meditations in the course

• Each course select a meditation that will be practiced for 3min, 11 min, 31 min, 62 min and 2.5 hours

• In the discussion about the cycle of intellect and the will. When does “will” come from ego or from soul? How do you tell? Can you use your Isht to help you make better decisions – coming from your soul and not your mind’s (ego’s) rationalizations?

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