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The Your Own Greatness Affirmed (YOGA) for Youth program delivers yoga to urban inner-city schools with the goal of providing practical benefits that support underserved children at high risk of behavioral and emotional problems. A 10-week YOGA for Youth program delivered 1 to 2 times per week was implemented in 3 schools in urban neighborhoods to examine the effect of the program on student stress, affect, and resilience.

  • Language: English
  • Target / Subjects: A grade 6 female class was chosen followed by a grade 7 male class, and a total of 25 students enrolled in the study.
  • Author: Meliné Sarkissian, Natalie L. Trent, Karen Huchting, Sat Bir Singh Khalsa
  • Date Published / Reference: J Dev Behav Pediatr. 2018 Apr;39(3):210-216.
  • Covered Diseases: Stress, Behavioral and Emotional Problems
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Categories: Kundalini Yoga Research
Tags: Behavioral and Emotional Problems, Stress
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