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The Land of Enchantment

I just love it here! I arrived on the shuttle with others who, in a few short weeks, would become dear friends and fellow 3HO family members. The sky, the mountains, the arroyos, the desert enveloped me. I found the home of my heart—and I look forward to returning for Summer Solstice every year!

The Immersion Course is nestled in the beautiful Northern New Mexico valley—the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram in Espanola, New Mexico—between Santa Fe and Taos, two of the most beautiful and internationally recognized destination spots around the world.

Up, Up and Away: It generally takes two to three days to acclimate to the elevation of Northern New Mexico. We are here in the high desert, 5600 feet (1707 m), and although the weather is generally temperate, it is easy to get dehydrated. So bring a water bottle and some sunscreen!

October temperatures: Average high of 71 degrees F (22 C) during the day, although there can be hotter days, in the 80s, and a low of 35 degrees F (2 C) at night. Bring a blanket or sweater for morning sadhana! We also suggest dressing in layers for the cooler mornings and night.

Staying Healthy in High Altitude