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Kundalini Yoga with the Master – Wake Up the Body to Handle Stress and Strain


Wake Up the Body to Handle Stress and Strain

Volume Six of an eight-DVD series with picture-in-picture kriya demonstration, Wake Up the Body To Handle Stress and Strain features a kriya from a lecture given October 19, 1988 and featured in the manual Owner?s Manual for the Human Body (KRI, 2010).

This video contains ideal exercises to do in bed or just out of bed first thing in the morning!

If a person in the morning does not move his body in such a way that the capacity of his body, developed during his sleeping hours, is not activated to take the stress and strain of the day then we are getting right straight into a problem for the whole day. We will feel we are awake, that we are perfect, that we can deal with it, bah, bah, bah, but it doesn’t work out that way.
? Yogi Bhajan

The Kundalini Yoga with the Master DVD series is your chance to practice a demanding physical kriya with Yogi Bhajan. The all-new picture-in-picture guide shows the proper posture and timing while you are challenged to ?Keep Up!? by the Master himself.

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