Deep meditation

6 days


September 20-22
& October 4-6, 2024

Through 24 guided meditations and a self-discovery process,
this course will help you:

Build Resilience: Learn to face life’s challenges with strength and stability.

Flourish: Unlock your full potential and thrive in all areas of life.

Find Happiness: Cultivate a deep sense of joy and contentment.

Achieve Peace: Experience lasting inner peace and calm.

Guided by the wisdom of Kundalini meditation, you’ll explore your relationships with yourself, your family, your beloved, your work, your community and the universe. This course is your next step towards a more peaceful, happy and fulfilling life.

Experience Transformation Through

Each day will have a specific topic
and include meditations, interactive exercises, personal reflection and group shares.

Day 1 – The Self

Begin your journey by exploring your inner world. Understand how external pressures impact your internal balance and learn to overcome limiting beliefs. This day focuses on self-awareness and personal growth, helping you unlock your true potential and cultivate resilience.

Day 2 – Family

Navigate the dynamics of family life, from shared responsibilities to personal sacrifices. Discover strategies to balance your individual needs with family obligations, maintain harmony, and express your true self within the family unit.

Day 3 – Intimacy

Deepen your connections by exploring the nuances of intimacy. Learn to balance closeness and distance, embrace vulnerability and overcome barriers to emotional connection. This day helps you foster meaningful and healthy relationships.

Day 4 – Work

Transform your professional life by aligning your work with your personal values and aspirations. Gain tools to overcome professional stagnation, navigate interpersonal dynamics, and express your innate talents and purpose through the work that you do.

Day 5 – Me and the World 

Understand the interconnectedness of personal, social and global influences. Learn to navigate the influx of information in the digital age, engage consciously with the world around you, and make meaningful contributions to your community and beyond.

Day 6 – God and Me

Connect with the universal force, the Infinite which lives within you and in all that is. Learn to live a balanced and connected life by incorporating yogic principles, surrendering the ego, and trusting in a greater force for guidance and support.

This course is for YOU

If you are:
• Beginning to explore meditation
• An experienced Kundalini Yoga practitioner
• Seeking Personal Growth
• Navigating Family Dynamics
• Striving for Deeper Connections
• Seeking Fulfillment
• Community-Oriented
• Spiritual Seeker

Whether you want to improve your self-awareness, enhance your relationships, find fulfillment in your work, engage with your community, or deepen your spiritual connection, this course offers a comprehensive journey to resilience and peace.

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