CD and DVD Clearance Sale April 2023

KRI is happy to announce a new Specialty Course that has earned the KRI Seal of Approval – The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success.

When you explore the concepts of leadership, success, and prosperity you begin to understand that these features are important contributors to personal satisfaction in life.  Leadership and success are an integral part of a meaningful and fulfilled existence. In order to become who we really are, we first need to be leaders of ourselves so we can discover our life’s purpose. If we accept this purpose and commit to manifest it, we will enter the process of success, which is the source of internal happiness.

In this time of critical transition, the established human structures and facades are falling apart and any strategy adopted from the past is not effective, either in personal, social, or business life. This identity crisis is causing the global political, economical, and ecological collapse of our world, not vice versa. We must reach the depth, calibre, and truth as humans to restore our authentic integrity. This transition of the age is an incredible opportunity to creatively transform the obsolete paradigms into cooperative global prosperity and happiness.

The effectiveness and excellence of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is needed now. We must lead ourselves to be who we really are, understand our role on this planet, and deliver our uniqueness to successfully serve the world. In this process we will be able to lead others to be ten-times better than us, so the legacy of holding up the human spirit will keep prospering.

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