2022 / 2023 ATA Trainer License renewal

As members of the Aquarian Trainer Academy, we have joined together in the collective mission to train new generations of Aquarian Teachers. In doing so, we each benefit from being a part of a long-standing, conscious community of over 800 teacher trainers in about 56 countries. Doing it together expands our impact. 
One essential element of maintaining our community’s integrity is for each trainer to RENEW their ATA license yearly. This is one important way we help ensure adherence to all professional standards that keep students safe and keep the collective image of us strong and positive. With it, we demonstrate agreement for ongoing accountability. 
In 2022 we have launched the New Code of Ethics and professional standards. You will be asked to affirm your compliance with it as part of your relicensing, so please make sure you are familiar with this new Code.
This year it is more important than ever that you relicense in a timely manner!  You must be a RELICENSED Lead or Professional trainer to be part of the automatically approved voters or to validate your application to vote in the August 2022 SSSC elections.


2022 – 2023 Trainer License Renewal Timeline

May 1st to June 30th

2022 – 2023 License Renewal

Renew during this date and receive:

  • Regional Discounts
  • 20% discount in KRI Store for one year
  • FREE E-Learning Center course 

July 1st to July 31st

2021 – 2022 ATA Licenses Expire

  • Regional Discounts NO longer available
  • No longer eligible for the KRI store discount
  • Deadline for all Professional and Lead Trainers who want to vote in the SSSC Elections – must complete license renewal and be an active member of the ATA.

August 1st

  • All trainers with an expired license are put inactive in the ATA
  • Regional Discounts NOT available
  • Additional $54 USD Late fee applied

Renewal Process

It is helpful to LOGIN or REGISTER to the page before starting the process.

The License Renewal is a two step process: fill out the License Agreement and pay the renewal fee.

The Diversity and Inclusion committee has created a brief Diversity and Inclusion Demographic survey to help us grow more inclusive, moving toward truly representing the world we serve and deepening our ability to help all students feel welcome in their practice.  Please help us do better by responding to this optional survey that you will find at the end of the License Agreement process.

Renewal Fee

  • Associate, Professional and Lead trainers have an annual renewal fee of $108 US dollars.
  • Interns only need to complete the license agreement but DO NOT have to pay a renewal fee. If you are an Intern, you will be sent a discount code that you can apply while in the “payment” portion of the process which will bypass the fee.

Accepted Payments

  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Note: this year we will not be accepting bank transfers. If you are unable to pay the renewal fee with one of the above mentioned payment systems, please contact us at contractmanager@kriteachings.org

Do you need financial help?

We don’t want economic issues to stop anyone from renewing their license.  We are a global community and recognize that there are different economic realities. This year we will send pre-set discounts to different regions around the world to be optionally applied by trainers until June 30th. With or without such a code, if you need financial assistance to relicense, please contact us.  We don’t want economics to stop anyone from being a teacher trainer!

Thank you for being part of the global KRI family as we collectively do our part to uplift the planet!  

Bonuses for renewing on time!

We have prepared two great BONUSES for trainers who relicense between May 1, 2022 and June 30, 2022.

Renew your license HERE

20% discount

for ALL products available on the KRI store and ALL E-learning courses! This bonus is valid for ONE full year!

FREE access

to one of our great E-learning courses: Conquer Your Mind Trips, by Seva Kaur, released April 2022.