A letter from the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation (KRI’s parent company), with a link to the full report from An Olive Branch can be found here.

KRI’s initial response to this report can be found here.

Support in processing the report from An Olive Branch:

KRI and 3HO are co-hosting a series of Information and Processing calls starting Monday 17 August.  These are open for students, teachers, and trainers and are offered in several time slots, and each will have translation available.  Please check out the schedule, and register if you’d like to attend one of these calls.  If the currently scheduled times fill up, more will be scheduled, so please check the above-linked webpage!

The report will be translated into 10 additional languages by 25 August.  We will set up additional zoom calls at that time as well.

After these information and processing calls, beginning the week of 24 August, KRI will set up calls just for trainers – but please ALSO attend one of these first set of joint calls so that everyone has the basic information as a common starting point.  Please find the schedule of these calls here

A Yogic Approach for Grief Recovery with Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur – Thursday August 27th 12-14:00 EDT (New York) on zoom live, or watch the recording which will be posted one week later.  This webinar is open to all, so please share this link with others who could benefit from it.

Here is a short document to help you with Grief Recovery as the Integration of Change

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