Have you ever considered serving on the KRI Board of Directors?  If so, read this important message from the Chairman of the Board:

Sat Nam,

KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) is looking to fill vacancies on its Board of Directors. KRI’s mission is to preserve and spread the authentic teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan. If you have the drive, energy and passion to see that these teachings pass on to our future generations, please apply to serve on the Board.

We are looking for people who meet many of the following criteria:

Love of the teachings based on personal experience and a burning desire to see them throughout the world

Intellectual capacity to understand the business governed by the board

Interpersonal skills to work well with the other board members

Instinct and good judgment for making strategic decisions

Commitment to enthusiastically put in the time that is needed to help KRI grow
Financial ability to attend meetings; this is totally voluntary position

Time availability ability to commit to 10 to 20 days a year for phone meetings (3-6 per year), travel to our in-person meetings (1-2 per year) and work/study outside of meetings

Prosperity consciousness to be a personal donor to KRI

Fundraising skills

Integrity to do what is right for the company
Historical perspective on KRI’s past and future development
Kundalini Yoga teaching experience
Familiarity with the business of yoga (teachings, workshops, running a center, producing and/or selling products, etc.
Prior board experience
Broad geographical representation
Ability to see the business as a whole, from a board perspective, without getting lost in operational detail
Experience in legal or corporate compliance matters
Financial skills and analysis – ability and experience in understanding and analyzing financial reports

If you are interested, please send a request for more information and an application to: Gurusahay Singh Khalsa Gurusahay@gmail.com

Humbly yours,


Gurusahay Singh

Board Chair, Kundalini Research Institute

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