Dear KRI Community,

Sat Nam. As you are aware, allegations of sexual misconduct were raised earlier this year against Yogi Bhajan. In response, An Olive Branch was contracted by the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation to conduct an independent investigation of these incidents. The report from that investigation has now been publicly released — you can find the entirety of it here.

This report implicates Yogi Bhajan, and it calls into question some of our collective and individual assumptions about Yogi Bhajan and our history. The conclusions that are reported are seriously disturbing. KRI is very aware of, and grateful for, the courage of those who shared their stories in service to the greater truth.

With deep sorrow and dismay, we accept and acknowledge the report’s conclusions.

These revelations are shocking. KRI unreservedly reiterates its condemnation of sexual misconduct of any type by Yogi Bhajan, or by anyone else in our community. Yogi Bhajan’s actions were a betrayal of many core values he himself taught as essential for a healthy, happy, and whole life.

The revelations summarized in this report will cause confusion and pain to many students and community members worldwide. Here at KRI, we are committed to the process of honestly facing these issues and collectively working to establish a sustained environment of transparency and safety for all. “Bypassing” these revelations is not an option. We must dismantle and unpack the parts of our own culture that may have led to these actions while retaining the beautiful and valuable parts that are contained within it.

KRI and our associated organizations will work with the people harmed to find a path of compassionate reconciliation. As part of that effort, the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation is hiring a third-party consultant that has experience in guiding organizations through this process. We will share more about the timeline and next steps as soon as we are able.

As always, KRI firmly and unequivocally stands against abuse of any type and has no tolerance for any conduct that harms or exploits anyone. KRI is dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for everyone who participates in any of our activities.

For many, Yogi Bhajan was greatly loved and respected as a teacher and a leader. He inspired and uplifted thousands of people around the world. While the considerable good he did is not in question, it is time to understand that some of his behaviors were unconscionable and unacceptable. Regardless of the failings of Yogi Bhajan as a person, the yogic practices he taught remain powerful tools for self-empowerment, expanding self-awareness, upliftment, and experiencing the identity of your soul. KRI remains zealous in continuing to share the yogic tools and technology and living core values such as safety for all. KRI will keep protecting the rights of, and supporting the empowerment of, women, people of color, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and many diverse groups within our community. KRI will continue to support our students, teachers, and trainers around the world to build a sustainable future together.

For the last 50 years, the yogic technology that each of us experience, practice, and teach has reached thousands and thousands of people around the world. KRI continues its commitment to sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga now, as it is needed more than ever before. Now is the time to reach out, to teach, to train teachers, to continue our own practice, and to do this while renewing our relationship to social justice principles. While we remain steadfast with the practices and technology of Kundalini Yoga, we are also equally committed to educating ourselves as a community about power and abuse, while we remain focused on the practices and technology of Kundalini Yoga. We will take steps to fight against all forms of inequality in our yoga culture and in our world. We must truly be the change within ourselves as the projection of the change we want to see in the world.

In closing, it is critical to return the focus to honoring the individuals who came forward and shared their stories. Thank you for having the courage to put a voice to your suffering and to stand for others who needed to remain silent. Now is the time to sit with these painful truths and to recommit to the values that guide us. Abuses of power are not acceptable, and we extend honor and respect to all people, especially to women and children, people of color, and to all who have experienced abuse, neglect, or exclusion of any kind.

By facing the very real and painful effects of the shadow of our founder, each of us individually and also as a collective body, can grow stronger and be better able to help people lead healthier, happier lives through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. We are confident in our collective ability to move forward in service. May we all be blessed with as much courage, compassion, and understanding that are needed to heal ourselves and heal our world.

In unity,

Amrit Khalsa, CEO, and
The KRI Board of Directors

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