Dear KRI Community,

Sat Nam. These last few months have been a challenging time for our Kundalini Yoga global community and for KRI as the organization tasked with preserving and spreading Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. Our staff, and you, our beloved teachers, trainers and global community have all been shaken by the publication of the book “Premka; White Bird in a Golden Cage” by Pamela Dyson and the opening that was created for other people to share some of their experiences of Yogi Bhajan. We are upset and saddened by these disturbing stories that are being shared openly on social media and beyond.

Here at KRI, we are committed to the process of healing as we move forward together. We continue to focus on our experience with the technology and not focused on the personality of any one teacher. We will continue to support our students, teachers, and trainers around the world as we build the sustainable future of KRI together.

We are looking at ourselves as an organization and reevaluating our mission and purpose in serving the world. To those who are speaking out, we hear you and we want to contribute to making right any harm that has been caused by our organization. We are bearing witness to these changing times and how many outdated attitudes are universally being questioned. Humbly and fiercely we are ready to have and hold the challenging conversations. It is clear that radical change is needed within our organization and in our wider community. This is a complex situation. We have to dismantle and unpack our own culture yet retain the value that lies within it. What is true and healthful about the culture and teachings? What is unhealthy and must be dismantled so that real healing can happen?

We understand that “bypassing” this is not an option as we acknowledge the pervasive stories of abuse in the yoga culture and the monochrome racial makeup of yoga in general. With the outdated way of viewing the world and its people comes the intersection of racism, planetary pollution and oppression of women and LGBTQ+ people that we have unconsciously ignored for too long! As an organization based on sharing tools for expanding awareness and elevating consciousness, it is essential that we really “walk our talk,” and demonstrate with our actions that we can hold the complexity, variety, and massive polarities present in our world today and still act with courage, compassion, and commitment.

The yogic technology we practice and teach has been shown to be safe and effective for thousands and thousands of people around the world for the last 50 years. We remain committed to sharing them to help as many people as possible live happier, healthier lives. We will continue to provide resources and trainings to share what we have been taught while simultaneously infusing social justice principles in our teachings, bringing out this underlying and previously dormant value of our path. While we remain committed to the practices and technology of Kundalini Yoga, we are also equally committed to educating ourselves as a community about power and abuse and take steps to dismantle it and fight against all forms of inequality in our world and in our yoga culture. We must truly be the change ourselves for what we want to see in the world.

KRI’s commitments moving forward:

  • Create a safe space for all: All students must be able to practice Kundalini Yoga without fear of sexual, personal, or financial pressure from their yoga teacher. All students must be welcomed into our classes and communities as they are, with respect to their race, gender identity and sexual orientation. We commit to creating a safe place that is diverse and welcoming to all ages, gender identities, races, sexual orientations, physical/mental abilities, ethnicity, religions and perspectives
  • Honor & respect for women: We commit to consciously raising all women up and dismantling sexist and patriarchal attitudes.
  • Zero tolerance for abuse of any kind: We continue to work with The Office of Ethics and Professional Standards to clearly establish guidelines and ramifications for any abusive teachers/trainers, following industry best practices.
  • We will continue this practice: Kundalini Yoga remains a powerful tool that uplifts thousands of people. We will continue to support teachers and trainers of Kundalini Yoga as they evolve to apply and embody these Teachings over time.
  • Promote diversity & inclusion: We are committed to antiracist and anti-oppressive practices and principles in our work at KRI, and plan to address these throughout our organizations and trainings. Together we will build an inclusive culture that celebrates and honors the diverse voices of our global community. Everyone is welcome here. Together we will continue to build an inclusive culture that celebrates the diverse voices of our global community.
  • The Genesis of Our Practice: KRI will continue to offer the original Teachings, unedited, as a resource for yogis, teachers, trainers and academics at

We are changing with you! We are shifting in many ways, and are offering additional educational avenues for your continued process. Please know that we are here with you, and want to hear your suggestions.

  • We will shift to focus on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga beyond personality, including focusing more on research and evidence-informed validation of the effectiveness of this technology.
  • We are increasing our focus to service, advancing global peace and social justice by giving people the inner tools to become change agents and leaders for today’s world.
  • Ensuring that our values; such as honoring and respecting women, providing a safe place for all students to practice Kundalini Yoga, zero tolerance for any abuses of power, respecting, and honoring diversity across all dimensions; are clearly reflected in our organization and our trainings.
  • We will become a truly global community, not just US-centric.
  • As part of our Aquarian Development Series of online training courses, we have launched several courses focused on various planetary justice topics.
  • The KRI board of directors affirms their support to make KRI an anti-racist, anti-discriminatory pro-social justice organization. This includes both how it runs itself and in the trainings it offers.
  • We have launched a Social Justice Resource page to increase access to information about this powerful movement we are part of.
  • We will be adding a trigger warning/content warning on the Library of Teachings. The genesis of these teachings will remain online, unedited but with a strong content warning.

We honor all of our community of Kundalini Yoga practitioners. You are spiritual warriors, change agents, and light beings whose efforts are so valuable, alongside all other yoga traditions, in serving this planet. KRI is here to support you and as many people as possible to be healthy, happy and whole with the technology of Kundalini Yoga.

Many Blessings,
Amrit Singh and the KRI Staff

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