Level Three Requirements and Application

For Level Three eligibility

Please read carefully below the requirements to join the Level Three program.

Section A: TEACHING and CERTIFICATIONS – All are required.

  1. Level One Certified
  2. Level Two Certified (completion of all five L2 modules)
  3. Taught 500 hours of Kundalini Yoga (since the Level 1 graduation)
  4. In compliance with the current Code of Ethics & Professional Standards of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and conduct yourself in accordance with the highest professional standards.

Section B: PERSONAL PRACTICE – Need to have fulfilled a minimum of TWO practices below.

Option 1: TWO items from Meditation & Personal Practice category
Option 2: ONE item from Meditation & Personal Practice and ONE item from Community Service.

Meditation and Personal Practice

  • Long Ek Ong Kars — 40 Days 2 ½ hours before sunrise
  • Kirtan Kriya — 40 Days 2 ½ hours while wearing white
  • Master’s Touch — 40 Days 2 ½ hour
  • Full Aquarian Sadhana — 40 Days
  • A physical exercise Kriya in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan ® (60 min+) — 40 Days.
  • Other 40 Day 2 ½ hour meditation
  • Personally attended 40 of Yogi Bhajan’s classes or watched 40 Yogi Bhajan videos with consciousness of a student.
  • Sahej Paath (any language)

Community Service

  • Engagement in and service to the 3HO community for at least 2 consecutive years in any of the following ways
  • Seva Team Leader at Solstice or Yoga Festival
  • Organized or host local events like White Tantric Yoga
  • Organized community potlucks, Full Moon Meditations etc.
  • Organized an Akandh Paath
  • Participated in communal Seva Projects like Free Kitchens
  • Publishing newsletters, translating KY/3HO materials
  • Held a role of responsibility in a national or local 3HO related organization
  • Other comparable activities

Application Process

If you meet the above requirements and you are ready to join the Level Three program please read the following application steps:

Step One:

Choose the location where you would like to participate – a new cohort (group) will starts every year in the United States, Europe and South America. Wherever you start is where you will need to continue attending Melas in that region.

Submit the online application and corresponding fee:

  • $108 USD for United States Program
  • $108 Euros for Europe Program
  • $60 USD for South America Program

See the table below for the specific applications dates and links for registration.


Once we have received your online application we will send to you 3 forms to electronically sign through Docusign. If you would like to review these forms you can do so by clicking on the following links:

  1. Self Responsibility Agreement
  2. Code of Ethics
  3. Health Questionnaire
  4. Liability Release Form

Applications will be reviewed and information about Step Two will be emailed once your application is approved and you meet the requirements to enter the program.

Step Two:

You will be emailed a link to the Self-Reflection form after your Step One application has been approved.

Note: The letters of self-reflection ARE NOT letters of recommendations. This is a specific questionnaire designed to deepen your understanding of yourself and begin your path in the Level Three program

Step Three:

Register and pay for the corresponding Mela.
Upon submission of the Self-Reflection form you will be emailed a link to register and pay for the Mela.

Apply HERE

To being your application process to the Level Three program, please choose the location you would like to attend and click on the apply here button.


If you have any questions about the Level Three Program please contact us at LevelThree@kriteachings.org

Read more information about Level Three HERE