Wherever I turn, I read the news of flood and the tragedy of rising waters.  Texas, Louisiana and also Nepal, Bangladesh, and India.  It is probably not a surprise to most of us as the climate changes and sea waters rise, but it doesn’t lessen the impact of the suffering and trauma to those that are affected.

I have learned over the years of my life how to stay present and awake in the face of disaster.  As Buddhism teaches, suffering is an inevitable part of life and each one of us must find our way to confront it and get through it.  For me, it is prayer to relieve the anguish of others and whenever I can do something, whether it is large or small, I try to do it without hesitation.

I am far away from the floods, but I can donate money to the relief and I have.  If you want to, there are many ways. Click here for the American Red Cross.  And, here is a GOFUNDME campaign for Guruatma Kaur and Sat Kartar Singh Khalsa from Houston who have been flooded out. There are many, many more ways to give – here is a great article from the New York Times on how to give to the relief effort and avoid charity scams.

For those that are experiencing stress from the tragedy, KRI has a very effective Crisis Kit posted on the front page of the website. Make use of this and pass it to those who need it.

Hail Guru Ram Das and heal our world!



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