Soul Singh and Meher Kaur in Phoenix have hosted the sangat in their home on Friday evening for the past twenty years.  After over 1,000 Friday-nights, they are still enchanted with the experience of bringing Guru Ram Das into their home.  As explained by Soul Singh,

“Chanting to Guru Ram Das is a very unique practice. Sadhana is hard, getting there is the true beauty of it. Yoga classes are meant to be hard, to test one’s grit. Gurdwara is easier. But the easiest of them all is chanting to Guru Ram Das. Each Friday we would sit and chant with the sangat.  After it was over, many times Meher Kaur and I would talk about the alchemy we had just witnessed. Guru Ram Das is the master healer and we have seen so much healing through that mantra. We encourage everyone and anyone to start a night of chanting. It will bring Guru’s blessing to your community, to yourself, and to your home. It has certainly done that for us.”

Where did the mantra “Guru Guru Wahe Guru – Guru Ram Das Guru” come from?  Watch this wonderful video by M.S.S. Krishna Kaur to hear the story first-hand.


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