At the end of every class Yogi Bhajan would put his palms together and offer a prayer or blessing to close.  Years ago, many of these beautiful and inspiring prayers were collected and printed in a small booklet titled, “Power of Prayer.”  I would regularly use these prayers to close my Kundalini Yoga Classes and I kept  this wonderful booklet next to my bed. I have always collected everything thing that I could that was published from Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. This booklet, like many projects from the 80s, had a very limited publication and long ago was “out of print.”

A few months ago I was looking at facebook and I saw a stream of posts by recently-certified teachers asking if anyone knew where one could buy this little booklet.  It just could not be found. Well no longer! This incredible gem is back in print in an expanded edition with a new look, a new name, and many more entries.  There is no more powerful way to close your class than with a prayer by Yogi Bhajan when he was in the flow of teaching. And don’t forget, everything in KRI’s The Source is on sale during the holidays!

Here is a blessing from July 10th, 1987 from the book “Blessings – The Power of Prayer.”

May God Bless you all, be with you all.  May He answer your prayers, protect you at every moment of time and space.  May peace be your aim, motto and target.  May victory be your guiding stay and may you live in nobility and grace.  Sat Nam.


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