Yogi Bhajan was a tireless champion, dedicated to improving the status of women.  He devoted a huge part of his time and energy educating and empowering women in business as well as in their religious and social lives.  He believed that women held the divine creative energy of the universe and were the key to a happy life and a stable society. He taught, “When a man falls, a person falls.  But when a woman falls, a generation is lost,” and cultures that do not uphold the dignity of women are doomed to eventually fall. He often said, “Woman is double you, O man!”

One of the ways Yogi Bhajan worked to uphold the status of women was that he taught “Khalsa Women’s Training Camp” every summer.  This has produced a huge body of teachings on the grace and nobility of woman, which we benefit from today.  Visit The Source at KRI for all the teachings of Yogi Bhajan about women, and join us today in celebrating women in every land and in all walks of life.

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