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Kundalini Yoga with the Master – Automatic Endurance


Automatic Endurance: Kundalini Yoga with the Master, Vol. 5

Volume five of an eight-DVD series with picture-in-picture kriya demonstration, Automatic Endurance features a kriya from a lecture given October 12, 1988 and featured in the manual Owner?s Manual for the Human Body (KRI, 2010).

The capacity of a human being is how much automatic endurance is in the body. The gift of God is that the body has to be carried every day with x amount of energy and sometimes it is not there. Sometimes the chips are down and sometimes the chips are up. People do not understand that they have to stimulate themselves and their glandular system to add to the mix…

You can do this set every day, every morning. You will become, by right of your own doing and recognizing, divine human beings.

? Yogi Bhajan

Let this DVD show you:
– Conscious breath for total self-purification
– The power of baby pose
– How to develop tolerance, grit and nerves of steel

The Kundalini Yoga with the Master DVD series is your chance to practice a demanding physical kriya with Yogi Bhajan. The all-new picture-in-picture guide shows the proper posture and timing while you are challenged to ?Keep Up!? by the Master himself.