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Aquarian Teacher Program

The journey to becoming an Aquarian Teacher is clearly described in three levels. Level One is a comprehensive yoga training experience where one learns the foundations of Kundalini Yoga and embodies the identity of the instructor. Level Two is made up of five different modules that support the experience of transformation; the instructor grows into a true practitioner of Kundalini Yoga. Lastly, Level Three cultivates realization through deep meditation, selfless service, replica designer watches and a spiritual community; one becomes a teacher.

Become a yoga teacher! KRI certifies Kundalini Yoga Teachers around the globe. We have more than 800 trainers and more than 200 programs every year. Explore and find the best program for you.

Level 1 Programs

Explore the Level One program and find a program near you.

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Level 2 Trainings

Explore the Level Two program and find a program near you.

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Level Three Programs

Explore the Level Three program and find a program near you.

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21 Stages of Meditation

Explore the 21 Stages of Meditation course and find a program near you.

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E-Learning Center

KRI curates for you online courses: healing, posture, the art of teaching, best practices, and authentic engagement for you to deepen your understanding to this amazing technology. 


Enlightened Bodies: Anatomy for Level 1

This course is ideal if you want to deepen your knowledge on Anatomy or if you are a Level 1 Trainer and would like to show it to your Level 1 Students.


Clearing Past Relationships: Healing a Broken Heart

To experience love is one of life's greatest treasures, a feeling that lasts a lifetime. But to lose a loved one through separation brings pain of the same magnitude of that love. The experience of heartbreak, or the emotional pain and distress following the end of a romantic relationship can be as intense as physical pain, such as losing a limb.


Clearing Ancestral Karma

In this third session, we look at Ancestral Karma. This is an opportunity to experience the energetic presence of your ancestors and to identify key lessons, patterns and rituals that may serve your soul as it moves towards its destiny or your Dharmic path.


Clearing the Mother/Father Imprint

In this second session, we look at Karmic Imprints that we accumulate as a consequence of our parental upbringing. The energetic imprint that our Mother/Father leaves on our personality, is undeniably strong and affects both the relationships that we form and also the roles that we play in life. The practices are geared towards diving into the subconscious to release the memories of the past.

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KRI Publishing House

KRI Publishing House

One of the pillars of the work done at KRI is to continue publishing material about Kundalini Yoga to support your journey in understanding this technology and deepening your practice. Learn more about how to become a KRI author or shop our store “The Source” to purchase KRI products.

Yoga Research

Yoga Research

Many practitioners experience Kundalini Yoga as a way to access the natural healing capacity of our own body and mind. But today’s healthcare environment requires formal research and proven results before alternative therapies, such as Kundalini Yoga, can be incorporated into medical treatment as a healing modality.

KRI provides centralized access to research about yoga and Kundalini Yoga for teachers to use, especially when bringing Kundalini Yoga into therapeutic and institutional settings. KRI supports and tracks the efforts of those conducting research, providing current information as it develops. New articles are provided regularly on the benefits of yoga in a variety of health applications.

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