Ethics in KRI

KRI’s Commitment to Ethics

KRI wants to ensure that all practitioners of Kundalini Yoga have a safe and respectful experience, and that all KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teachers in good standing are accountable for acting in alignment with our Code of Ethics.  

To accomplish this, KRI works closely with a dedicated office – the Office of Ethics, Professional Standards and Conscious Conflict Resolution (EPS). See below details about EPS and resource you can find in the EPS Website. 

Articles about the importance of Ethics

Ethics of Professional Standards (EPS)

Living up to our values of ethical behavior is very important to us, and all complaints are investigated.  There is no individual within our community of KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teachers who is above these same ethical standards, or who is in any way immune from investigation by the Office of EPS.

EPS Resources