In today’s world, every human being faces a reality where we need a strong, healthy nervous system. Yogic practices and conscious lifestyles enhance our body, mind, and spirit to meet these challenges and environmental changes. Kundalini Yoga holds a key place for humanity’s ability to grow in mental clarity, resilience, and emotional maturity.

KRI Publishing provides a depth of resources to help students and teachers connect to Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and to support them as they study, practice, and evolve.

KRI Publishing has produced a large collection of books and manuals written about Kundalini Yoga. There are more than 185 titles in print books, eBooks, and DVDs, available in 26 different languages and present in at least 54 countries.

KRI works to ensure that Kundalini Yoga teachings shared by Yogi Bhajan are conveyed with accuracy and portrayed with integrity. After a thorough check and review, books that meet the standards of KRI are awarded the KRI Seal of Approval.


We celebrate our bestsellers, but what matters most is the connection between an author and their reader. Our greatest measure of success is every single person whose life is in some way lifted up and transformed by our books, our authors and this practice.

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