KRI Approved Specialty Courses

KRI Seal of Approval for Specialty Courses

KRI supports individuals spreading of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan in many ways, including Specialty Courses and their training materials. We review the accuracy of the use of the teachings and grant these courses the KRI Seal of Approval – a mark of accuracy and quality.

In 2001, Yogi Bhajan contributed the intellectual property rights of all his teachings to YB Teachings, LLC that KRI manages. Thus we are responsible to ensure that Yogi Bhajan’s teachings are conveyed with accuracy and portrayed with integrity.

Do you have a course eligible for the KRI Seal?

The best time to contact KRI is early in your course development. Working with KRI for course material approval means the course approval will be done efficiently within your timeline. We understand that you may already have developed and taught your course and it is not too late for you now to apply for the KRI Seal of Approval.

KRI Seal Approved Specialty Courses

The Science of Essence for Self-realization and Self-expression (Cycles 1 and 2)

Course Author | Sadhana Singh

“The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success” is designed to completely integrate the yogic technology, meditations, life style and philosophy to practically manifest pure success and prosperity in every field of your life. We must lead ourselves to be who we really are, understand what is our role on the planet so that we can deliver our uniqueness and successfully serve the world. In this process we will be able to lead others, to preserve the legacy to hold the human spirit high.

KRI date of approval: February 2018

The Science of Essence for Self-realization and Self-expression (Cycle 3)

Course Author | Sadhana Singh

We live at a historic moment with an urgency and opportunity during the transition into the Aquarian Age and specific constellations in the Solar system. It is the time to master our self, so we can care for others and the environment. It is a time to give back to planet Earth and all Creation. This course will help us refine our perception of reality, so we can have an accurate understanding of what reality is and act accordingly.  It is this recognition that can give us the clarity of conscious intention to develop and deliver. We need an appropriate strategy that supports our intention and to keep up this strategy we need discipline. The coordination of realty, strategy and discipline allows us to let go of what needs to be released and create the circumstances to mature and master who we are and what we can do. This is the meaning of success in the Aquarian Age. In this course, we will explore success from different angles to create the triangle: how to create the circumstances that support success, how to care about the consequences and how to grant continuity for the success and avoid the corruption of the self. As we work on the consequences of success, we will see how to manage energy, not time. To do so, we will review the past and the present, the structure of our daily life and view of the four fundamental pillars of life, our activity and dedication. What we do in a single day will already tell us what we can be, what we can do and what we can deliver tomorrow.

KRI date of approval: February 2024

The Science of Essence for Guru Leadership

Course Author | Sadhana Singh

“Guru Leadership” develops a Guru-inspired leadership model for the Aquarian Age, in which serving is the utmost quality and role of a leader. While leadership based in service is a timeless concept, the Guru-inspired leadership model goes one step further and connects this concept with the 10 bodies and the contracted and expanded states of our psyche. Thus, it offers means and techniques to evolve our awareness to be able to live as leaders based in service from our true essence. A Guru-inspired leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong.

KRI date of approval: April 2018

The Science of Essence for Counseling

Course Author | Sadhana Singh

Counseling requires a specific state of consciousness, mental projection and attitudes that you develop during the course. You learn to apply the science of essence as an art, using intuitive perception, clear analysis, proper communication, and a balance of being personal and impersonal. With that compass then practicing and becoming competent in counseling skills – the ability to sense the situation and to find a way through it and successfully address it. The aim is to develop the capacity and sensitivity to perceive the client’s reality and offer a solution, which can be an exercise, a meditation, or a lifestyle change to restore a normal flow of healing and renew the true expression of the self.

KRI date of approval: 2018

The Science of Essence for Numerology

Course Author | Sadhana Singh

There is a way to map yourself and understand why your life is as it is, and how it could or should be. The first steps with numbers will clarify how we can relate and sense our true nature and the main tendency and where our spirit is directed to go and experience specially going through the main obstacle that our ego is trying to avoid. Understand why your life is as it is now, how it could be and how it should be. Understand the challenges in order to transcend them. The knowledge and expertise that comes from other experiences of life, the assets you have. The skills and strengths you have just because you are what you are and the path that you have to walk in this life to reach your destiny.

The approach to lead the process of experiencing and use the quality and faculties of every facet of the Self that the archetype of numbers symbolize, is by finding and releasing what doesn’t allow those assets to be usable.

KRI date of approval: April 2023

Meditative Healing Program™

Course Author | Jivan Mukta Singh

Meditative Healing™ is a method within the field of complementary therapies. It is the outcome of the meeting of ancient transformative meditations, the revitalizing teachings of Yoga and the modern strategies of deep psychology.

KRI date of approval: April 2018

Kundalini Yoga Program for Self-CareCaregivers

Program Author | Monique (Amrit Kriya) Siahaya Ivonne Wopereis

Program for anyone who wants to take better care of themselves, including informal caregivers, care providers and people who work in care. This program consists of 7 workshops. You can participate in the total program or in individual modules.

Program Language: Dutch

KRI date of approval: April 2019

NineMinMax Business Yoga How to become a Successful Business Yoga Teacher with Clients in 90 Days

Course Author | Sat Kirtan Kaur

In the NineMinMax Business Yoga Yoga Teacher Training course, we have bundled our more than 25 years of experience in business yoga and created the ideal program for becoming a successful business yoga teacher with clients. Over the course of 10 weeks, In the Teacher Training, we’ll help you learn and apply the 9 Key parts of the Business Yoga System. Every week, you’ll learn with Sat Kirtan and a world-class faculty of trainers. And because all of the classes are delivered and recorded online, you can take them when it’s most convenient tfor you, any time day or night.

KRI date of approval: May 30, 2018

Dying Into Life

Course Developer | Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa

The Dying Into Life Journey training is a unique training for those Kundalini Yoga teachers and trainers to understand and be comfortable with the second portal of life – Death. There are three levels. Level 1 gives participants an overview of the teachings on death as presented in Jivan Joti’s book, Dying Into Life. When one completes the training, they will be more prepared to fearlessly face their own death with ease and confidence and are more able to assist another person going through their transition. Level 2 prepares the participant to be a Death Doula using the eastern and yogic teachings in Jivan Joti’s book, The Yoga of Aging and Chronic Illness. Level 3 is for those who want to become trainers in The Dying Into Life Journey programs.   

KRI date of approval: August 22, 2022

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The best time to contact KRI is early on in your course development process. Working hand in hand with KRI along the way minimizes the need for costly after-the-fact changes. We understand that you may already have developed your course and you may have been teaching it. We will work closely with you to reach the goal of KRI Seal of Approval for your course.

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