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  • Ethical conduct is a powerful practice that can awaken our virtues and lead us to a deep joy, peace, and harmony founded in our own integrity.
  • This course is for all Kundalini Yoga teachers to understand and implement solid principles of ethics in our own lives, in our communities and in our organizations.

There are so many nuances to ethical behaviors. We can all benefit from considering real life teaching experiences from different angles.​ In this course, you have the opportunity to gain experience and understanding to ensure ethical behavior.

  • It is always important to embed ethics and standards of professional conduct within our Kundalini Yoga community and culture.
  • Everyone in our greater community deserves to be safe and treated with respect. And this course will help everyone navigate even the gray ethical areas with more confidence – which will ultimately support our entire community.

Leaders sometimes cross ethical boundaries and may not realize their actions are harassment or unethical. Education is a significant element of addressing and preventing these behaviors. Every year the Office of Ethics & Professional Standards deals with multiple complaints against Kundalini Yoga Teachers and through education we can prevent future complaints and reduce the number of incidents.

Why Take This Course:

  • Learn inclusion practices that support our multicultural community

  • Real life scenarios from multiple cultural backgrounds are included

  • Prevent harm by demonstrating the highest values, and ethical behaviors.

  • Support each other as leaders to attain better ethical, professional, and inclusion practices.

  • Prevent and reduce the number of incidents of ethical breaches by Kundalini Yoga teachers and KRI teacher trainers.

  • Know what it takes to create a safe space for all.

  • Upon completion and passing the exam, you will receive an EPS Ethics Certificate. 

Concepts Covered In The Course:

  • Gain deeper awareness of your role in the teacher-student relationship.

  • Prevention of harm: understanding ethical issues and the impacts of behavior.

  • Strategies to prevent misunderstandings.

  • Development of better inclusion practices.

  • How to identify and consciously confront harmful behaviors.

  • Ways you can speak up about any inappropriate behaviors: if you see something, say something!

  • Format: online training with multiple choice.

This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and is available in 8 languages.

Start anytime, and complete at your own time frame.
You can stop and start and pick up wherever you left off.

“After I took this course I felt better prepared to navigate sticky situations and I knew how to apply the 10 Rights of a Kundalini Yoga Student in my studio system to really support our community.” – Adi Akal Kaur studio owner, Tampa, FL

EPS Ethics & Anti Harassment Training

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