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Understanding the Biomedical Science Behind Yoga and Kundalini Yoga Research

Dr. Sat Bir Singh clearly lays out the science behind how yoga works in easy to understand language, how meditation leads to self regulation and reviews the existing published research studies on Kundalini Yoga.


Power of the Navel

The path forward can often become unclear and it's easy to feel lost. By centering and activating the navel point, recognize your inner strength and build clarity to walk your path confidently.


Celestial Communication for the Heart

Are you ready for heart centered life fulfilling TRANSFORMATION? Celestial communication is the “danciest” kind of meditation. In the space of the creation of new movement, the body relaxes and eases. Awaken the flow of your heart’s song with fluid & feminine meditations and tap into your infinite LOVE.

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Deep Dive Immersion: Sound and Mantra with Dev Suroop

Are you ready to reveal the beauty and power of your inner voice? Sound and Mantra are two essential keys to Kundalini Yoga teachings, they can give you a high experience of your inner self and Universal Consciousness. From the Level 1 Teacher Training, Dev Suroop guides you through a Deep Dive, where she presents solid scientific evidence of the benefits of meditation, mantra, and sound. These practices are healthy for the mind, brain, and of course for your daily yoga practice. An accomplished musician, recording artist, and Lead Trainer in the KRI Aquarian Trainer Academy, Dev Suroop strives to guide students to their empowered authenticity. Come and reset your mind and stop its tricky games through the practice of chanting mantras and sacred sounds!


Deep Dive Immersion: Posture, Alignment and Breathwork with Sat Siri

With this immersion, you will become more aware and connected with your physical and energy bodies. From the Kundalini Yoga perspective, human beings don’t consist of just one body, but rather ten!


Jiwan Mukht – Experiencing Liberation while Alive

Death and loss are universal experiences, which we all experience in our lives. The experience of death and loss are never convenient, and everyone responds to them differently. For some, death is an ending, a tragedy, a wall of sorts; for others, it is a beginning, a door or an opportunity for tremendous personal growth and transformation. With training, we can prepare ourselves to view and respond to these transitions with more grace and inner serenity. We can also help others in their own transformative journey.


Body Inclusivity with Dr. Ramdesh

Ramdesh Kaur shares with the Academy and Kundalini Yoga Teachers how to be sure to use welcoming and inclusive language for all body types. Posture delivery cues, ways to allow and support all kinds of expression of this beautiful human body to feel welcomed, comfortable and safe in your Kundalini Yoga offering. Dr. Ramdesh has years of experience in inclusion work, being a member of the deaf community and also working with women around the world to embrace and love their body throughout all stages of life.


Understanding Pedagogy and Adult Learning: Tips and Ideas for Kundalini Yoga Teachers

This workshop on adult learning helps and guides you to keep in mind the pedagogical viewpoint in teaching yoga. It is possible to have a lot of fun and learn meaningful things at the same time! We address questions such as how to keep students engaged? How to deliver complex topics in interesting and digestible ways? What are safe and effective ways to promote self-discovery and self-reflection? How to help students take good ideas into practice in their daily lives?


Beyond Self Care

Join Gurumukh Mark Harris as he talks about intersectionality and the multiple external systems of discrimination and internalized oppression intersect, interact and force multiply. What we call social justice and civil rights struggle, has a millennia long history and praxis, rooted in cultures of tradition. If we explore the civil rights/social justice movement through our understanding of yoga; the inner warrior for social change emerges.


A Yogic Approach for Grief Recovery

Grief can grip our heart, mind and body in so many unique ways. Each person's journey is individual and grief can feel so isolating. And when we experience multiple loss, we can feel disoriented, overwhelmed, depressed, and cut off from our inner wisdom. This webinar explores the real lived experience of the many facets of grief.
It provides a compass to navigate our varied reactions as the pendulum swings through the stages and emotions of the loss. How and when to start the process of Grief Recovery makes a difference. We begin with centering into our embodied experiences, recognizing the truth of our own being, and coming back to trust ourselves as we integrate the loss as profound and meaningful change.


Healing with the Siri Gayatri Mantra

Renowned sound and mantra expert and musician Dev Suroop Kaur reveals secrets to healing with this special mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. She will share her research, experience, correct pronunciation and ways that you can use this mantra in your life to help heal and help others heal. Join us for fun, warmth and exploration of this most beloved of Kundalini Yoga mantras.


Protection from Viral Illness

Join Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur as she shares about our collective immunity with specific information about viruses and how to strengthen the immune response in the face of pandemics.


Avoid Screen Fatigue: Beat the Zoom Blues

Join Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur in this webinar about how to beat the Zoom Blues. In this course, you will learn about screen fatigue and the impact it has on your health. You will experience special ways to build capacity and relief for having too much screen time.


Cold Depression: Finding Hope in Isolation

Join Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur as she talks about the effects of isolation. In this course, you will learn about what Cold Depression is, how to identify it, and how it shows up in the body. You will also learn ways to create a space of self-care and find hope.


Rebirthing Kriya with Sat Siri

Join us as teacher Sat Siri brings rebirthing kriyas for a unique opening and revelatory experience on the mat.


Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Yogini

Meditate and learn with experienced Diversity, Equity, Inclusion teacher Vedya Amrita Kaur. Create the ability to have these conversations in a safe space. Understand the lived experience of a black yogini in our community. See through the other’s eyes. Develop the muscle for genuine dialogue and move forward in support.


Dance Break with Adarsh!

Join us for a pre-recorded, but much needed dance party in the E-Learning Center! Bring your desire to move in your body, no expertise necessary!


Improve your Relationships – Understand how the Tattvas Influence Relationships

This webinar explores how the Tattvas are present in each of us and how they influence our relationships, including the one we have with ourselves.


Social Justice Resource; Embodying Anti-Racism: Being the Change!

Embody anti-racism and become the change you want to see in this world! As yogis when we hear these words
"I Can't Breathe" -George Floyd
we feel into this as a mighty call to action to awaken our beloved community to do anti-racism work. Please join us as we explore cycles of oppression, history of racism and uncover how and where we can help our world heal. This 6 week series met live in June 2020 and now exists as supportive content/journaling AND an ongoing monthly call for yogis, teachers, trainers everywhere who want to awaken to understand how to use our privileges in service to end racism.


The Path to Forgiveness

The capacity to forgive is shaped by the past and impacts both the present and future. In yogic terms, we carry the weight of the past not only in our subconscious but also in our Aura, the seventh body. We record the accounts of those who have hurt us deep within our magnetic field. As much as we may want to forgive others, how is that possible without first forgiving ourselves?In this workshop, Shama Kaur explores the virtue of forgiveness in association to the 7th body (the aura) and the quality of being revengeless and fearless. It provides the opportunity to explore your relationship with forgiveness towards yourself, towards others and to make adjustments that pave the way for releasing the old accounts to lighten the load on your magnetic field.


Revolutionary Love: Open Your Heart to Social Justice

This is a time where we see violence and pain in the world. This urgent moment is calling for us to change and to connect. We need to understand the path for transformation and empathy to survive these challenging times.


Priestessing the New Paradigm: Sisterhood Rise!

This course will take you deeper into your healing as a woman. We need this support in these times to break through the old paradigms, the old software and move into our full empowerment as women.


Close the Gap between Self & Social Awareness: How to Unpack Cultural Biases, Privilege, & Micro-Aggressions

This course is part of KRI’s ongoing exploration of Diversity Equity & Inclusion and a community project for creating safe spaces in yoga.

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