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“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. ~ Alfred Tennyson 


To experience love is one of life’s greatest treasures, a feeling that lasts a lifetime. But to lose a loved one through separation brings pain of the same magnitude of that love.  The experience of heartbreak, or the emotional pain and distress following the end of a romantic relationship can be as intense as physical pain, such as losing a limb. 

The heart is like a flower that opens up and blooms with every experience of love.  A flower that can also whither and break down with every heartbreak and heartache.

Read more in this article by Shama Kaur.


More Information:

  • In this workshop you will gain insight into the ways that you can train your mind to focus on the experience of love itself unrelated to the person or romantic story. To fall in love with love itself. 
  • You will learn ways to expand beyond the limitations of the ego-mind that dwells in the past and to come into the neutral mind and present moment, where the heart can break wide open and free. 
  • You will learn to become one with any pain that may reside in your heart and transform it into love through the power of prayer, devotion and gratitude.

Try this Meditation for Healing a Broken Heart with Shama Kaur.

Shama Kaur will lead you through self exploration and self healing, using the teachings of Kundalini Yoga to:

  • Understand your heart and what heartbreak is.
  • Eliminate the focus on the personal story and keep the experience of love.
  • Not dwell on the pain, on the past and open up to the present experience without fear.
  • Go from pain to prayer.

I’m Shama Kaur. In Arabic ‘Shams’ means sun and ‘Sham3a’ means candle, put them together and my name means the one who shines the light of her inner soul. Originally from Egypt, I am a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Trainer. I am also a Health and Wellness Mentor.

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