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Are you struggling with doubt, indecision, anxiety, and stress? Do you feel this is significantly impacting your overall well-being?

This often stems from a lack of intuition—the inner guidance system that helps us navigate life’s challenges and make decisions aligned with a true purpose.

Intuition is essential in our lives, especially in current times. , Today, heightened awareness, connectivity, and a deeper understanding of the Self are needed to thrive. Intuition helps to access the inner wisdom and make choices that foster personal growth and collective harmony. But how can I get in touch with my intuition in the rush of everyday life?


How to develop intuition?

One of the most effective ways to build and enhance intuition is through the awareness of breathing. The breath is a powerful bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind, allowing us to tap into deeper layers of consciousness. Focusing on breath can calm the mind, reduce stress, and create a space for intuitive insights to emerge.

Deep and mindful breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation, mental clarity, emotional stability, and overall health.  This state is conducive to accessing intuition and listening for inner guidance.

To help you begin your journey toward enhancing your intuition, we invite you to practice the meditation below to build intuition. This Kundalini Yoga practice is designed to help you connect with your breath, quiet your mind, and open the channels to your intuitive self.



Mudra: Place your hands together in Prayer Mudra. Keep the Jupiter (index) fingers extended as you interlock the other fingers to clasp your two hands together. Cross the thumbs.

Posture: In a comfortable seated position, place the mudra a little below your nose where you can look at the tips of your Jupiter fingers through the one-tenth opening of your eyes.

Eyes: The eyes are nine-tenths closed.

Breath: Inhale in four powerful strokes through the “O” mouth (1 stroke per second = 4-second inhale) and exhale in one powerful stroke through the nose (1 second). Continue for 16 minutes.

To end: Sit straight, inhale, hold your breath for 20 seconds, and stretch your arms out to your sides, palms facing upward. That will give you the power to balance your central spinal column. Exhale. Inhale deeply, hold your breath for 20 seconds, and stretch your arms horizontally, and stretch your spine vertically. Make a T-square. Exhale. Inhale deeply, hold your breath for 20 seconds, and open up your fingers, making them like steel. Squeeze your entire energy and bring it into your arms. Exhale and relax.

Comments: In the Aquarian Age, intuition is the principle of identity. This meditation to see how well we can get our own pituitary to work for us… You must know reality by intuition. Not by knowledge. (By the time reality becomes knowledge, it’s too late).

Ready to live a life filled with intuition and true purpose? Dive deeper into transformative practices in our upcoming Level Two Mind and Meditation India Immersion!

This retreat offers an in-depth course to explore meditation and intuition, combined with a 6-day Yatra – a pilgrimage to visit sacred places in India. Immerse yourself in the divine aura of the sites such as the Golden Temple in Amritsar, and Anandpur Sahib, where Guru Gobind Singh founded the Khalsa. This immersive experience is designed to deepen your practice, enrich your understanding, and help you harness the power of intuition in your everyday life!


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