1000 days to develop
as an authentic
Aquarian Teacher

Yearly Global
gatherings with peers
in Level Three Melas

Create a Seva Legacy
project and help uplift
your community

Level Three is an opportunity to reflect deeply
on what it means to be a Teacher.

One of the keys of this program is Self-Initiation:
We recognize that only the self can qualify the self.

As a Teacher, you dedicate yourself to life-long learning,
continual self-reflection and devotion to service.

Watch this video from Amrit Singh, former CEO of KRI,
about the Spirit of Level Three:

Level Three is a unique experience to:

Ignite your passion as a
Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Dive deeply into the three qualities of an Aquarian Teacher: Spiritual Maturity, Meditative Mind and Seva

Share and connect with your fellow seekers on this path

Help others on their own
journey with Kundalini Yoga

Contribute to the legacy of Kundalini Yoga for future generations

Move from individual consciousness, to group consciousness, to universal consciousness

What can I expect in Level Three?

The foundational elements of Level Three take place over at least 1,000 days. During this time, you will:
  • Commit to developing a deeply meditative practice through personal and group meditation
  • Meet regularly with a peer group to give and receive support
  • Create a Seva Legacy project comprised of your life’s passion and service
  • Attend at least 3 Melas (gatherings for Level Three participants) to share and grow with a global community
One of the guiding principles of Level Three is that, unlike Level One and Level Two, there will be no Trainers, instead one Level Three generation will welcome the next.
Level Three journey is highly experiential, uniquely personal, self-initiated and self-directed. It is not a program directed by an individual Lead Trainer; instead, it is a diagonal, peer-supported process, where one’s Peer Group acts as a “mirror” and a “mentor”.

What is a Mela?

Mela means “gathering” or “festival”, so is really a celebration! A Mela is an annual 3-day event currently held in North America, Europe, and Asia, and we hope to expand to other countries in the future. After the pandemic online Melas are also available. Melas are organized by KRI; facilitated by teams of Level Three graduates and cohort members.
After you apply you will join a Gateway Mela, to receive an orientation to Level Three facilitated by other Level Three participants. You will be introduced to the main concepts and be assigned to a Peer Group. Following initial orientation, Level Three participants are expected to attend 2 more KRI-sponsored Melas, to have face-to-face meetings with their Peer Group plus connect to other participants through interaction and activities.

What Goes On In Melas?

Melas activities include but are not limited to:

Exploration of the Level
Three qualities

Engagementin face-to-face
peer dialogue

Seva Legacy Project

Graduation Ceremony

How can I apply to Level Three?

There are minimum standards to be met for everyone who goes through Level Three, but we encourage you to make this a transformative experience to dive deep into yourself as a Teacher, rather than merely completing a set of requirements you need to check off.

If you…

• are a Level One and Level Two Certified teacher
• have taught 500 hours of Kundalini Yoga (since your Level One graduation)
 are in compliance with the current Code of Ethics & Professional Standards of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher
• conduct yourself in accordance with the highest professional standards

… then you are ready
to join Level Three journey!


To be eligible for Level Three you must meet the following criteria:
  • Level One Certified
  • Level Two Certified (completion of all five Level Two modules)
  • Taught 500 hours of Kundalini Yoga (since the Level One graduation)
  • In compliance with the current KRI Code of Ethics and Teacher Policies conduct yourself in accordance with the highest professional standards.
  • Option 1: Completion of TWO items from Meditation & Personal Practice category OR
  • Option 2: Completion of ONE item from Meditation & Personal Practice and ONE item from Community Service

a) Long Ek Ong Kars – 40 Days 2.5 hours before sunrise

b) Kirtan Kriya – 40 Days 2.5 hours while wearing white

c) Master’s Touch – 40 Days 2.5 hours

d) Full Aquarian Sadhana – 40 Days

e) Physical exercise Kriya in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan – 40 Days 60 min+

f) Other 40 Day 2.5 hours meditation

g) Personally attended 40 of Yogi Bhajan’s classes or watched 40 Yogi Bhajan videos with the consciousness of a student

Engagement in and service to the 3HO community for at least 2 consecutive years in any of the following ways:

a) Seva Team Leader at Solstice or Yoga Festival

b) Organized or hosted local events like White Tantric Yoga

c) Organized community potlucks, Full Moon Meditations, etc.

d) Organized an Akandh Paath

e) Participated in communal Seva Projects like Free Kitchens

f) Publishing newsletters, translating KY/3HO materials

g) Held a role of responsibility in a national or local 3HO-related organization

h) Other comparable Community Service activity

Application Process

If you meet the requirements above, you are ready to join the Level Three program! Please read the following application steps.

Choose the location where you would like to participate – if there are enough applications to begin a new group, KRI will organize Gateway Melas in the United States, Europe, and South America, China and Asia/Oceania region. You will continue and complete your level 3 process with the group from the region that you started in.

You will need to upload your L1 and L2 certificate or L2 completion letters, make sure to have them handy.

Once we have reviewed and accepted  your online application you will receive the following forms to sign through Docusign:Self Responsibility Agreement; Code of Ethics; Health Questionnaire; Liability Release Form. 

After signing the Compliance Forms, you will receive the Welcome Letter to Level 3!
You will also receive instructions to complete a Self Reflection and to request 3 Letters of Reflection from others who know you well. This is an important aspect of your Level 3 Journey and all of these will be a part of the Gateway Mela. The purpose is for you to deepen your understanding of yourself and have a starting point in your path  for Level Three.

At any point after receiving your Welcome Letter you can register and pay for the Mela on the website.

How do I certify as a Level Three teacher?

KRI is not here to say whether an individual is a Teacher. Everyone must initiate themselves by recognizing and bowing to the Teacher within. Level Three provides a container for practice and self-reflection within which each person designs their own journey to cultivate the Teacher’s qualities within. 

We continue to grow and awaken our souls to the realization that we are ONE.

Therefore, no one really ever “graduates” from Level Three. You may certify once all the requirements are successfully completed. But the growth into a Teacher is a never-ending process.

In Level Three the responsibility for ensuring you have completed your requirements lies with you and with your Peer Group, who signs off on the fulfillment of each of the certification requirements. Once you have completed all the requirements, you are nominated by your peers to KRI for final qualification and graduation.

Post-Graduation Commitment

Part of building the Level Three culture and community of teachers and peers who represent a communal link in the Golden Chain, each Level Three generation of graduates will welcome, support and hand off to the next generation.

A beautiful way of giving back after certifying is by collaborating in Orientation Teams for Gateway Mela, inspiring and guiding the new participants to develop the Teacher within. 

Realization is an ongoing process of unfolding awareness on deeper levels of subtlety within yourself. This is a deepening journey that never ends. If you feel the call, start your application process today!


If you have any questions about Melas or Level Three program,
you can contact us at any time by email:

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  • A personal journey toward Self-Realization
  • A way to refine your authentic identity as a Teacher and deepen your unique relationship with the Sacred
  • A 1,000 consecutive day commitment dedicated to further developing your Meditative Mind, Spiritual Maturity and your commitment to Seva
  • A program that is based mostly on self-initiation, with the support of peers and the commitment to participate in the annual gatherings
  • The third and final step of the KRI Teacher Training program as outlined by Yogi Bhajan

Someone who:

  • Maintains his/her identity as a Teacher
  • Has a presence that works
  • Acts as a lighthouse for others; uplifts the students
  • Embodies the Code of Excellence, exemplifying the 16 Facets of Perfection of Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Level Three is a self-initiated and self-directed process, there is no defined curriculum and no lead trainers. It is about being a Teacher, as described by Yogi Bhajan in “Master Touch”. The journey is highly experiential and uniquely personal. Is a peer-supported process, where one’s Peer Group acts as a “mentor” and “mirror”. Fulfillment of Certification Requirements is determined by one’s Peer Group (not KRI). Level three is administered centrally by KRI; it is not an entrepreneurial course handed off to lead trainers to teach. Level Three Melas are planned and delivered collectively through group effort and participation.

There is a one-time application fee for Level Three. Registration for each Mela is separate and cost may vary depending on location.

Peer Groups are assigned at the Gateway mela and serve to support their teammates through their individual processes during the Level Three program. Peers arrange to “meet” regularly once a month throughout the year. The Peer Group signs off on the fulfillment of certification requirements.

No. In order to certify your peers must validate that you have completed all of the requirements by signing off your Individual Development Plan.

The requirements include:

  • 1,000 day personal meditation of at least 31 minutes
  • Attendance to 3 Melas
  • Attendance to at least 10 peer group meetings each year, while you are still in the process
  • Completion of 18 days of an intensive meditation experience, 6 of which must be 21 Stages of Meditation.
  • Presentation, evaluation and submission of your Seva Legacy project.

Contact KRI at [email protected] to send you the final Individual Development Plan format for signature. We suggest that you do this at least a month in advance of the Mela you are planning to attend, so that we can prepare your certificate and plan a certifying ceremony.