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KRI’s mission is to make the benefits and practice of Kundalini Yoga, based on the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, accessible to all people from all backgrounds. You can find information and updates on this page about us as an organization, how we are organized, and how we are evolving to continue to serve and meet the needs of the times.

KRI’s CEO Monthly Updates

Cultivate Compassion and Be Happier | From Me To You | December 2022

KRI’s theme for November and December is Compassion. Please meditate with me this month to [...]

Understand through Compassion | From Me To You | November 2022

KRI’s theme for November and December is Compassion. What a perfect time to be reminded [...]

Healing with Kundalini Yoga – Hints from Early Science | From Me To You | October 2022

In this second month of KRI’s focus on Healing, I want to concentrate on the [...]

Embrace Wholeness in Yourself and Help Heal the World | From Me To You | September 2022

KRI’s theme for the next 2 months is Healing.  There are so many dimensions to [...]

Everyone’s Secret Weapon | From Me To You | August 2022

There is a lot about life that we don’t have control over. As much as [...]

The Blessing of Elevation – for Yourself and for Others | From Me To You | July 2022

When I took my first Kundalini Yoga class - in September of 1989 - I [...]

The Beautiful Harmony of the Naad | From Me To You | June 2022

In Kundalini Yoga we use the word “Naad” to refer to a sound that connects [...]

The Beautiful Harmony of Group Consciousness | From Me To You | May 2022

The concept of harmony is a great one these days for inspiring ways forward for [...]

Compassionate Reconciliation Updates

Reports of Harm and KRI’s responses

Yogi Bhajan was the founder of the 3HO-Kundalini Yoga global community and established Sikh Dharma [...]

Acknowledgment, Apology, and Reparations Program Announcement

The SSSC has announced an Independent Healing and Reparations Program. For more information click here. [...]

KRI Yearly Reports

KRI 2022 Annual Report

KRI 2022 Fiscal Year Annual Report [...]

KRI 2021 Annual Report

KRI 2021 Fiscal Year Annual Report [...]

KRI 2020 Annual Report

KRI 2020 Fiscal Year Annual Report

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