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Learn to apply yogic science to a variety of addictive substances and behaviors. This highly-effective and specific approach has been serving since 1973, developed by Yogi Bhajan to help integrate the body, mind and spirit  from recovery to self-discovery.

This experiential webinar includes Kundalini Yoga, meditation, nutritional therapeutic juice formulas, and detoxification recipes that support whole-body rehabilitation.  Explore how the addictive personality is imprinted on the psyche and how to recalibrate its patterning.


  1. Learn practical techniques to counter addictive patterns that imprint on the psyche
  2. Understand the nutrition and therapeutic juice regime for detoxification and rehabilitation
  3. Name the four key components of SuperHealth Technology
  4. Observe the psychological clearance of the subconscious mind to clear blocks and old thoughts and memories

General Concepts this course will cover:

  •  Course includes understanding:  “How it all begins – detailed concepts of the nature of addictions and the developmental stages of addictive patterning from childhood.
  • How to go beyond the disorder which can define us – forgiveness on the path to wholeness, restoring healthy relations and ultimately “self-love.’   
  •  Specific yogic practices to deal with pain and subconscious blocks that keep one from living a deeply satisfying life.

Special Bonus:

Curb the Urge EBook (this is the first time this book is being released!)


More Information

What does this course include:

  • 2 hour session with Mukta Kaur, replay available
  • Yoga & Meditation for Addiction Recovery
  • SPECIAL RECIPES & concepts that you can apply to your life right now to feel better
  • Access to the recordings of the session in case you cannot make them. 

Why taking this course is better than sitting home alone and dealing with your own recovery issues:

You will find inspiration from longtime addiction & Recovery expert Mukta Kaur Khalsa Phd. She has worked with 1000s of people to provide a new alternative to traditional addiction recovery processes and is an addiction recovery pioneer.

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