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Yoga & Meditation in schools builds a world with happiness, resilience & wellbeing. Join the authors of our latest book in a 3 part series to have a firsthand experience of their ground breaking work in education. You will leave with useful tools, resources, and a sense of well being, purpose and joy.

Through mindfulness and “the 5 C’s of Heart Centered Learning”, learn tips & techniques to improve your teaching skills and support those around you! Learn directly from these authors and pioneers of mindfulness in schools, enter into a journey that helps our world come into one heartbeat together.

This amazing learning journey is available to readers of this book and all other educators from all backgrounds. Maximize your time with your community, focus and discover new methods of teaching with heart centered impact.


This is a live webinar series or watch the replay if you cannot attend live on Zoom! If you purchase this webinar you get a copy of the book FOR FREE.

Click HERE to find out all about this book!

Why take this course:

Taking this course live on Zoom with the authors is a once in a lifetime learning experience for educators! There will be time for your burning questions every week. 

What does this course include:

  • 3 weekly live classes with the Authors OR watch the replay and take the learning journey at your own pace!
  • Special information from the book Cultivating Happiness is yours to peruse in your own time, to understand and implement the incredible processes and learning in this book.

More Information

  • Understand the research supporting yoga, breathwork, and meditation in schools
  • Tips & guidelines for implementing yoga, breathwork, and meditation in schools
  • Improve your own self-care to alleviate stress, trauma and prevent burnout
  • Understand the 5Cs of Heart Centered Learning; consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage, & community
  • Meditate with the authors: get support to practice breathwork, warm-ups, kriyas, and meditations
  • Best practices for yoga, breathwork, and meditation, including using kundalini yoga, for children and youth in grades prek-12.
  • Q & A with the Authors!
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