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As we enter into the New Year, we offer these affirmations as a light to inspire each other and support a powerful but gentle practice of transformation. As we set our intentions for 2022, we continue our 40 day meditation practices to inspire each other to stay calm, centered, kind and helpful during these challenging times. Carving out a little bit of time each day is so necessary to building that inner feeling of contentment and bliss within. 

Join us for 40 days of “Into Bliss”, a meditative practice from 1972, a vintage piece of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. This is our 50th birthday as Kundalini Research Institute began on February 1st, 1972. As we enter into the next 50 years together, please celebrate with us as we share these prayers from our staff, for the global community and beyond.

  • For the self
  • For the global community
  • For the Universe

Join us LIVE

  • Feb 10th 10 AM EST/7 AM PST on Instagram @kundalini_research_institute
  • Feb 20th 10 AM EST/7 AM PST on Instagram @kundalini_research_institute
  • March 2nd 10 AM EST/7 AM PST on Instagram @kundalini_research_institute
  • March 11th 10 AM EST 2022/7 AM PST on Instagram @kundalini_research_institute
  • March 22nd 11 AM EDT 2022 on Instagram @kundalini_research_institute

About this 40 day meditation:

  • This program is suitable for all levels. No yoga experience or preparation necessary.
  • Supporting a global movement towards contentment, this meditation specifically gives a feeling of BLISS
  • Create your own internal transformation to bliss, creating a ripple effect of consciousness
  • Change comes from within; the more meditation we do, the more we contribute to the collective. 

Join us to celebrate our 50th birthday and the ongoing worldwide practice of Kundalini Yoga & meditation! It is completely free. All it requires is your willingness to participate.

More Information

  • Feel overwhelmed by the changes in your life,
  • Are you stressed by the intensity & polarization in the world right now and want to make a difference?
  • Would like to see yourself less stressed, feeling connected and vibrant and part of a greater purpose?
  • Want to “lean in” and really bring your inner transformation and emotional peace to fruition?

Sign up and you will receive:

  • A weekly email motivation during the 40 days full of easy tips to promote your mindfulness, peace and inner knowing
  • Access to meditate with Amrit Singh, PhD and CEO of KRI, weekly on Instagram Live
  • Click here to join Facebook 40 Day Transformation group to connect with and gain support from people all over the globe
  • Get a downloadable and printable copy of the meditation
  • Videos of Amrit Singh introducing and leading this meditation, just follow along until you feel comfortable on your own
  • It’s free and you keep all the materials, so it is yours to take advantage of and do at your own pace.
  • We will begin together on February 10th, after you sign up, check your email for a message with all the information.
  • If you start late, jump in anyway, we’ll send you all the materials and you can share your experience with others doing the meditation.
  • Feel free to join anytime.
  • Please share and invite others! Meditation works when you do it as a group, you are more likely to have an even greater impact on yourself and others when you join a group process!
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