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This webinar explores how the Tattvas are present in each of us and how they influence our relationships, including the one we have with ourselves. We explore the qualities of each of the elements, their karmic and dharmic aspects and how they interrelate to each other. 

The elements of Earth and Fire have distinctive masculine traits, while water and air are more feminine. Knowing that we all contain the polarity of masculine / feminine within us, this results in having four distinct voices which manifest in different ways and have distinctive qualities. Furthermore, each of these aspects may be in balance and therefore expressing itself in a dharmic way, or may be imbalanced and having a karmic expression.

When we export this into human communication, there is a meeting amongst our own four elements, in their own karmic or dharmic expression, relating to the four elements in the other. Having an awareness on how these various voices relate to each other in an argument, for example, may be key to avoid escalation into a full out verbal war, and instead dissipate the conflict to find some sense of balance and mutual understanding.

May we learn to receive the blessings from each of our voices.


  • 7 videos that take you on a journey to explore the Tattvas
  • 4 Meditations: Earth, Fire, Water, Air
  • An overview of an  important theme of Level 2: Authentic Relationships

General Concepts this Course will Cover:

  • In this course we explore how each of these four elemental voices manifest in us, in both the karmic and dharmic expressions. 
  • The course also includes one guided meditation per voice, to help bring it into balance.

Ardaas Singh
from Portugal

Ardaas Singh began his career as a musician, university teacher and researcher. Even though his parents are both yogis and was surrounded from birth by yogic books and chakra drawings, Ardaas didn’t begin his yogic studies until 2002, while working on his Phd in Artificial Intelligence. His first steps in the path were as a Mantra Yogi under the training of Muz Murray in U.K., France and India. He then trained in Sat Nam Rasayan Healing and completed the Level 1 intensive training to become a Kundalini Yoga Instructor in New Mexico, US. Apart from India and the US, Ardaas has traveled throughout Europe receiving the teachings of Karam Kriya from his Spiritual Teacher, Shiv Charan Singh. At present, he is lead trainer fully dedicated to the transmission of yogic teachings as an international trainer of Karam Kriya Consultants and Kundalini Yoga Teachers Level 1 and 2.

Mantra Simran Kaur
from United States

Mantra Simran Kaur began studying with Yogi Bhajan in 1970. She is a musician and a retired school counselor who is currently leading teacher trainings in Boise, Idaho. Mantra Simran has participated in trainings across the US and in Canada.

While not in the training environment she leads Kundalini and sound classes/ workshops and is employed bringing yoga to addicts and alcoholics entering recovery in hospital and clinical settings.

Mantra Simran serves on several committees in KRI, is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 certified teacher trainer and a Y12SR leader.

Sat Nishan Kaur
from Switzerland

Sat Nishan Kaur is a woman, wife, mother of 3 young adults, living and teaching kundalini yoga since 2008 to adults, teenagers and children.

Professional Trainer for KRI in Switzerland, Belgium and France, she also dedicates her time on seva for Level 3, TTEC, KRI Online Trainer Summit, the Teacher prayer, the 40 days of KY in Lausanne.

Intense and passionate about the Teachings, vibrating kirtan with harmonium, facilitating Jappa towards healing is her humble contribution to bring the Sangat together. She is convinced by the power of Sadhana, which she practices since 2008.

Amrit Vela Kaur
from Chile/USA

Amrit Ramos was born and raised in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. At the age of 18, she obtains the international certification of Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She has also obtained, over the years, the certification as an Instructor of Hatha Yoga and Yoga Pre and Post Natal. She has taught Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings since 2015 both in Chile and in other countries in North and South America and was approved as a Lead Trainer in the ATA Academy in 2020.

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