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Join Gurumukh Mark Harris as he talks about intersectionality and the multiple external systems of discrimination and internalized oppression intersect, interact and force multiply. What we call social justice and civil rights struggle, has a millennia long history and praxis, rooted in cultures of tradition. If we explore the civil rights/social justice movement through our understanding of yoga; the inner warrior for social change emerges.

Self-care is a key element in liberation of self and others. 

If asana means “comfortable seat”, and many asana’s are uncomfortable in the beginning, but get comfortable with practice, so grows your skill in engaging systems of oppression.

As a yoga professional, can you access the muscles for embodied resistance? It is a Siddhi or spiritual power to see privilege, to see oppression and then to take action to bring real change. Deepen into your ability to see & untangle the knots of systemic racism, class oppression and move yoga into accessibility for all.


More Information:

General Concepts this course will cover:

  • Learn about the brief history of the Maroon
  • Conversations around race and racism in yoga
  • Learn about intersectionality in the yoga community 

Gurumukh Mark Harris

Gurumukh Mark Harris first trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in the 70’s, and has been applying yogic philosophy, African-American Psychology, and other principles to his music performance, and addiction therapy practice, for nearly 40 years.

In his musical, written, and activist work, he likes to reclaim a bit more of the original spirit of these technologies in their places of origin, where they could be accessed by poor and oppressed people in order to gain empowerment and enlightenment.

He has over 40 years of experience in Cross-Cultural Addictions and Mental Health Counseling, Ethnic Studies Education, and training in evidence based, and culturally defined therapies. He specializes in “hard to reach”, and marginalized populations. Many times these populations have devised innovative and exportable solutions, that are exportable to other more mainstreamed populations.

Learn more at gurumukhmarkharris.com

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