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This course is part of KRI’s ongoing exploration of Diversity Equity & Inclusion and a community project for creating safe spaces in yoga.

As the world becomes closer together through media and the Internet, we are more drawn to take a closer look at our cultural biases and close the gap between self and social awareness. One way of doing so is by learning to navigate our multiple identities and intersectionalities when it comes to race, culture, gender, age, body size and ability, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. 

This course brings understanding to such basic concepts as racism, micro-aggressions, cultural humility, diversity & equity, as well as unpacks the meaning of white privilege and white equilibrium.

Walk away with key strategies for both, BIPOC and white people alike, on how to become an ally to effectively create safe spaces and foster constructive dialogue in yoga classes and trainings. 

Learn to take social justice into the heart  and off of the mat and into the world.

Concepts Covered in the course:

  1. An overall understanding of racism, diversity, equity and inclusion and why they are needed in the world today to allow for cultural humility, belonging for all, and social change.
  2. The ability to self-reflect on your own biases with no judgment, and be a role model for others to self-reflect and question their belief systems when these can potentially harm other individuals and groups. 
  3. Terminology, insights and tools to effectively create safe spaces in yoga classes and teachers’ training, as well as in your lesson plans, class curricula and flyers. 
  4. Clear communication strategies and skills to navigate uncomfortable situations and conversations, including microaggressions, and how to become an “Ally” and contribute to the healing of  individual and collective trauma by exploring our own biases, triggers and blindspots.


More Information

  • Pre recorded, self paced learning with acclaimed sociology professor & PhD Atma Chanan Kaur
  • Self help techniques to unpack and look at our implicit bias, have a deeper understanding of ourselves in support of our communities

Why take this course:

  • Through learning to listen first, we can understand a way to look at the world that creates mutual safety and a brave space for yoga practitioners
  • Explore these concepts of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, why are they such a pressing issue in today’s world?
  • Find a way to really lean in as an ally, renew yourself in your perceptions and attitudes and your support of the social justice movement

Atma Chanan Kaur / Karin Weyland (her professional name outside our community), is a KY & M certified teacher and Chair of the Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Committee at KRI. She has a Ph.D in Sociology (the study of class, gender and race) and a Certification in Collective Embodiment and Trauma.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she has been active in social justice and human rights issues for Latina immigrant women, Indigneous and African Diasporic people since the nineties, when she became a university professor and a community organizer. Her passion was to do social outreach and act as a bridge between the university and the surrounding communities in order to bring balance to the distribution of resources and knowledges. Having led many participatory action research collaborative projects and student exchange programs between the USA and the Caribbean, she is the published author of scholarly articles and books, and has taught classes on Feminism, Ethnicity, Globalization, Migration Studies and Social Research. Her recent memoir on identity and ancestral trauma titled, Kundalini Serpent Goddess: Rising from the Borderlands is now available on Amazon. 

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