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African-American Kundalini Yogis consider access to yoga to be a civil rights issue.

Intersectionality is where multiple external systems of discrimination and internalized oppression intersect, interact and force multiply.What we call social justice and civil rights struggle, has a millennia long history and praxis, rooted in cultures of tradition. If we explore the civil rights/social justice movement through our understanding of yoga; the inner warrior for social change emerges.

Self-care is a key element in liberation of self and others. 

If asana means “comfortable seat”, and many asana’s are uncomfortable in the beginning, but get comfortable with practice, so grows your skill in engaging systems of oppression.

As a yoga professional, can you access the muscles for embodied resistance? It is a Siddhi or spiritual power to see privilege, to see oppression and then to take action to bring real change. Deepen into your ability to see & untangle the knots of systemic racism, class oppression and move yoga into accessibility for all.

On the mat, we’ll use yoga and meditation to build resilience. Off the mat, we’ll discuss ways to culturally recover, transform and evolve beyond layers of implicit and explicit biases.

This course is one possibility to join the movement for social change and greater accessibility of yoga for all. Learn to evolve your platform to inform sensitivity across all intersections and to move this world into truth & justice for all.

General concepts this course will cover:

  • The Yoga of Intersectionality: Part I African Roots of Kundalini Yoga, Social Justice & The Civil Rights Struggle
  • Kemetia Yoga; Ancient Egyptian System of Yoga
  • Black Psychology, Black Feminism, Black Liberation Theology & Yoga as Civil Rights Praxis
  • Liberation & the Practice OF Freedom; Exploring the Release from Prison
  • Intersectionality & CRASH: Classism/Militarism, Race/Religion, Age/Ability/Addiction, Sexism, Heterosexism
  • Start with the Strength: Hidden Dimensions Revealed, Malcolm X & more
  • Yoga Of Intersectionality: Part II featuring Guru Ram Das Chant with African 6/8 Rhythm, African Roots of Kundalini Yoga, Social Justice & The Civil Rights Struggle
  • In the Face of Discrimination:Validate your sources of power, indigenous wisdom traditions
  • 12 Kinds of Marriage; It takes a village & it takes new concepts of marriage. African concepts of non traditional family structures.
  • Sex is a Recovery Issue; Sex Positive concepts for Yogis, releasing the heteronormative, sex negative culture.
  • On the Mat, prepares you for off the mat: Take the Siddhi of seeing liberation into this world. Build your residence, flexibility, calmness & gravitas.
  • The Practice Never Ends: Wrapping UP; Where do we go from here? In Community, we rebirth together.

More Information

  • 12 Pre-recorded Video Segments on The Yoga of Intersectionality,
  • Take your time to watch the material at your own pace if you cannot make the live class
  • Q & A discussion with community and other course participants
  • Specific techniques / meditations
  • Unique Material originally developed at Summer Solstice, for our worldwide yoga community
  • Q & A discussion with community and other course participants
  • Specific techniques / meditations
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