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This webinar is an introduction to the refined mind. A refined mind is the first step in becoming a Yogi; a person that is not subject to the opposites. We will practice several Kundalini meditation kriyas. This webinar is for everyone on any level that enjoys the benefits of Kundalini Yoga.

Concepts Covered in the course:

  • Refined mind and intuition
  • Meditations to bring awareness to a refined mind
  • Introduction to the Level 2: Mind and Meditation course content

Why take this course:

  • Get a glimpse into Mindful Reflection and Self Command for Joyful Wellbeing
  • Have a deep meditative experience
  • Learn more about the Level 2 Mind and Meditation course and get to know Nirvair Singh as part of the training team

1 hour live webinar on Friday, March 4 @ 1 pm EST. Recordings will be available by March 18. Free until March 4, 2022 then $15 dollars afterwards. 

More Information

  • Theory about the mind and its process
  • Meditation experience
  • A glimpse into the Level 2 Mind and Meditation course content
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$15 USD


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