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As women, we’re living in very exciting times. Sages predicted that in the Aquarian Age women will lead and be equal to men, and the Sacred Feminine will emerge in our consciousness in all different and creative ways. This shift is happening and as sisters, all women and those who identify as women rise together. 

Gather together and watch the emergence of woman power. We create this new paradigm together through listening to each other, supporting each other and leaning in. Learn embodiment yoga practices to strengthen yourself. Feeling into your real power and your real strength you will emerge refreshed, renewed and aware of your own power. Tap into the deep energy of your inner womb, learning with the co-regulating experience of other women to be strong in yourself and believe in the uniqueness of you.


More Information:

  • A more sacred sense of your own body energy and your body as a temple of divine, co-creating feminine energy
  • Identifying the original patriarchal and oppressive “womb wound” that’s holding you back from showing up as a “sister” 
  • Ways to conquer your woman’s mind and apply your female brain to your highest destiny during these challenging times.
  • Priestessing your own female lineage that makes you the Goddess that you are today
  • Understanding how your own “womb medicine” is tied to your ancestral fear and family trauma – learning to let them go
  • Your womb knows: setting healthy and creative boundaries around your relationships with a strong “No” and an enthusiastic “Yes”
  • From the matrix of storytelling among women, you see and sense into your true power

Why take this course:

  • This course will take you deeper into your healing as a woman. We need this support in these times to break through the old paradigms, the old software and move into our full empowerment as women. 

What does this course include:

  • 4 hours of pre recorded content 
  • Lectures & Stories with inspirational teacher Atma Chanan Kaur
  • Sharing & new discoveries, inspirations for women everywhere

Karin Atma Chanan Kaur, Ph.D

Karin Atma Chanan Kaur is a yoga and meditation teacher as well as a writer and educator. She brings a wealth of experience from her days teaching at the university to the growing field of spirituality and well-being. She’s taught Sociology, Social Research and Women’s Studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo Institute of Technology in Dominican Republic, Amherst College in Western Massachusetts and St. John’s University, New York City. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Karin Atma Chanan is the author of scholarly articles and books on gender migration, global culture, and spirituality, both in English and Spanish. A Fulbright scholar, she has been active in social justice and human rights issues for Latina immigrant women and people of color communities since the nineties. Her back injury and struggle with fibromyalgia has given her a unique perspective on women’s illnesses, the expectations placed on the social female body, and healing from physical, sexual, and ancestral trauma. She brings to her practice an array of energetic, healing tools like Reiki, Mindfulness, Womb Medicine, and Kundalini Awakening. 

Connect with Karin Atma Chanan Kaur:

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