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The fall of the father is a universal myth story that we all know deep within our hearts and lived experiences. Pondering the archetypal stories of Hamlet, Pinocchio, ancient Egyptian mythology or the Lion King we breathe deeply into the loss of a shattered idol and the potential for growth as we move into authentic autonomy. Our hero self strives to either redeem or rescue the father and what he represents. 

In any tradition there is a desire to rescue what is redeemable from the imperfection and shadow of the origin story; separating the wheat from the chaff and rediscovering the infinite aspects that are true. As we move through our journey as a community, we look to the mythical archetypes of the masculine within and ground into our rebirth into our own inner knowledge as teachers.


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General concepts this course will cover:
  •  The fall of the father as a universal myth story in our hearts
  •  The archetype of redeeming/rescuing the father
  •  Separating the wheat from the chaff
  •  Reclaiming virtues to embrace the future together

Gurusansar Singh

Kundalini Yoga Professional Trainer under the guidance of Shiv Charan Singh, musician, poet and Karam Kriya student. He runs International Basanti Kundalini Yoga School along with his wife Gurudevta Kaur. He specialized in the area of Mantra Naad and Sound under the guidance of Parvinder Singh Khalsa from Amritsar. He teaches internationally specializing in Kundalini Yoga, Gurmukhi, Naad Yoga and Karam Kriya, mostly in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. He has recorded two albums of Kundalini Yoga mantras and writes often. He also offers spiritual consultations through Karam Kriya and loves traditional chinese martial arts. 

Connect with Gurusansar Singh:
[email protected]

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