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The capacity to forgive is shaped by the past and impacts both the present and future. In yogic terms, we carry the weight of the past not only in our subconscious but also in our Aura, the seventh body. We record the accounts of those who have hurt us deep within our magnetic field. As much as we may want to forgive others, how is that possible without first forgiving ourselves?

In this workshop, Shama Kaur explores the virtue of forgiveness in association to the 7th body (the aura) and the quality of being revengeless and fearless. It provides the opportunity to explore your relationship with forgiveness towards yourself, towards others and to make adjustments that pave the way for releasing the old accounts to lighten the load on your magnetic field.


More Information:

Concepts covered in this course:

  • Everyone faces forgiveness differently, but it’s universal, how can you embrace it as part of your life?
  • Know what to do when forgiveness is hard to face or give
  • Understand forgiveness as a pathway to peace
  • Forge a new place in your heart to understand this important and ever present human process

Why take this course?

Join this incredible expert Shama Kaur who gently takes you through a process of forgiving yourself first, then others.

What does this course include?

This is a pre-recorded process, and through listening to the lecture and participating in the healing yoga & meditation, you will have the opportunity to release an old grudge or some painful situation that you have been carrying.

Shama Kaur

In 2012 Shama Kaur became the first Egyptian Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Trainer. In Arabic ‘Shams’ means sun and ‘Shama’ means candle, and together her name means ‘the one who shines the light of her inner soul.’ She began teaching yoga in Egypt and is the founder of YallaYoga, an innovative Social Enterprise serving as both a yoga educational institute and a healthy lifestyle community center. Her passion for this mission has taken her across the Middle East and North Africa, where she has taught in Jordan, Kuwait, Palesinte, Dubai, Morocco and Tunis. As a Professional Trainer in ATA, she has also launched or taught in Level I and 2 Teacher Training Programs in the Mid East including Palestine, Egypt and Dubai.  

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