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The experience of awareness gives us a natural, effortless capacity to befriend our mind and its tendencies, as well as a capacity to sense and elevate our emotions, and to  recognize and act from who we are in our heart and soul.

As teachers we all want to be effective, authentic, and elevating. This global pandemic has raised our levels of anxiety, fatigue, and stress by 40-70%. At the same time, it brought a great disruption that led many of us to look inside to clarify our values, to find the courage for a new level of commitment and integrity, and to find meaningful actions to connect with others and make a difference in our world. 

Two Meditation Experiences

This course has two specific meditation experiences. They each shift your energy and connect you to your powerful capacity for joy, love, energy, and healing. Each one does it differently; they combine different steps as music combines cords into melody and composition. They incorporate breathwork, mantra, mindful attention, active imagination and mudras or gestures. They provide a contrast so you can begin to make your own map and language -direct-from the territory of experience. We know maps guide us into a territory but cannot capture the depth of the territory nor the individual transformation and realizations we individually have as we explore.

In this course we add to our experience attention and discernment of the underlying processes in each set or kriya. We begin to see below the surface of the actions in each yoga set and meditation to the core flows and patterns of energy that creates the extraordinary impact and subtlety in Kundalini Yoga. We begin to recognize patterns in the practices of all wisdom traditions and in the contemporary practices of meditation and healing.


More Information:

What Does This Course Include:

  • How to bring more wisdom and flexibility to your teaching through your own sense of awareness of your practice. 
  • The keys to the central practice of the Master Breath.
  • 2 Amazing Meditations: Miracle Mantra for Healing and Mantra to Unblock and Elevate You.
  • Self recognition of the underlying processes to effective sets that free, elevate and inspire to embrace and fulfill our life.

Concepts Covered in the Course:

  • Deepen your meditation practice; Expanded Awareness for Joy, Energy and Flow.
  • Peace and equanimity from anxiety and overwhelm. 
  • Learn 2 easy  and powerful meditations.
  • Gain insight to the inner energetic structure that makes them so effective

Dr. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa
(Ph.D., M.Ed., C-IAYT)

Dr. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa is a premier trainer for kundalini meditation and yoga teachers since 1969. He founded KRI, developed global training programs and as director of training emeritus is part of the KRI research group. Gurucharan is an accomplished author and affiliated scholar with the Fish Interfaith Center at Chapman University since 2013. He contributes to original research in meditation, breath, and wellness. He collaborates in and presents leading edge applications of quantum foundations to the nature of consciousness and our capacity as human beings. He loves to walk, breathwalk and immerse in nature daily.

Connect with Gurucharan Singh:
[email protected]


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