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How does the mind work in a decision making process? How do the different parts of our brain process and how does this influence the way we make decisions?

How can this understanding help us be better leaders in the workplace? Do you want to access the potential of each employee you work with and step away from problem solving into decision making? 

The way our brain processes for reaching solutions can teach us how to thrive in management. The “best” of who people are simply cannot emerge in environments where our brain is being triggered in its basic processes, and organizations suffer at the loss of  their best asset; the humans that drive the organizations purpose! 

This course will empower you to understand the brain functions and how circular leadership models can transform the orientation of the workspace! Learn how the complex system of the brain-body responds to different environments and how you can potentialize it.

In this ever changing and challenging world, learn how to lead yourself  and  your teams in a functional way, along with an innovative and human approach to decision making and communication under conflict.

More Information

  • Understand the mind-body as a complex system
  • Understanding in depth the process of decision making which involves the brain, emotions and relationships
  • Use of soft skills in conflict solving 
  • Introduction to the difference between Vertical, Horizontal and Circular Leadership models.
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